Ted Kissell Resigns as OC Weekly Editor, to be Succeeded by Gustavo Arellano

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Everyone --

I'm announcing my resignation as Editor of
OC Weekly, effective Friday, Dec. 2. On that day, Managing Editor Gustavo Arellano will succeed me as Editor.

I joined
OC Weekly in 2007 under some pretty strange circumstances, unsure what kind of reception I'd get upon entering the building. To my relief and delight, the paper's incredible staff was both professional and welcoming--well, except for Coker, who ran screaming to Sacramento, but hey, water under the bridge, right?

In the four and a half years since then, the
Weekly has produced some of the best stories in its history--and some of the finest journalism I've ever had the pleasure to be  associated with. I'm not alone in this assessment: Just ask the folks at the Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Awards, the Best American Crime Reporting anthology, the Association of Alternative Newsmedia, the Maggie Awards, and the Los Angeles and Orange County Press Clubs.

I'm honored to have been a part of such an exemplary band of muckrakers, and I'm even more gratified that we pulled it off during the most challenging economic times our industry has ever faced, and while making an on-the-fly transition to being a daily online publication, as well as a weekly newspaper.

Having helped guide the
Weekly through these challenges, I now feel that the time is right for me to look for new ones. In announcing my resignation, I know that I'm leaving the paper in good shape--and in good hands.

Que les vaya bien.

-- Ted

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