'Reason TV' Video Dissects How Friends For Fullerton's Future Blog Broke The Kelly Thomas Story

Friend For Fullerton's Future Blog
For months now we've been giving props to the Friends For Fullerton's Future blog for breaking the Kelly Thomas story(Heck, we even picked them as "Best Blog" two years in a row, because of it).

And, we're not the only ones giving credit where credit is due.

Reason TV, which describes itself as a site that gives people "the latest, most compelling stories about freedom from all corners of the Internet" sat down with two FFFF bloggers, Travis Kiger and Chris Thompson, who tell the story of how the local blog broke an international story.

The 8-minute video touches on several subtopics, like police transparency and media dependency on law enforcement, which creates hesitancy to report critical stories. 

For a more direct play-by-play of how the story developed under FFFF's watch, check out Reason TV's video:

Kiger says people who want the truth from government might have to look for it themselves. "Secrets are the first thing governments use when they want to put their foot down on people...The best thing someone can do who wants to keep government accountable in their city is to shine a light on the truth."

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Darrell  G.  Bezet
Darrell G. Bezet

USING MY WORD,S That,s what i have said all along LET THE LIGHT SHINE and it,s about dam time.Evil cannot stand the lightTtHE LIGHT WIN,S AVERY TIME ;AMEN.

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