[UPDATED With Delay of Possible Pot Ban] Pot Protests Engulf Long Beach!

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UPDATED, Nov. 11, 11:00 A.M.: Hey everybody: happy 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the current millennium!

And a happy hour it is indeed. Things might not be going so well for Long Beach collective operators Joe Byron and Joe Grumbine who are facing a trial later this month for selling marijuana, (see my blog post yesterday). But according to a Nov. 9 story in the Long Beach Gazette, the city council has delayed its scheduled Nov. 15 hearing to decide whether or not to ban medical marijuana collectives.

Apparently too many city officials wouldn't have been able to attend the meeting, so it's been delayed until early December. In other words, all those collectives that received permits from the city to do exactly what that same city is charging Byron and Grumbine with doing, now have about a month to get as much out of those $15,000 permits as they can. Stay tuned!

UPDATED, NOV. 7, : Yet another protest is scheduled on the steps of the Long Beach Courthouse (415 W. Ocean Blvd.) to help bring public attention to the plight of former OC Weekly cover boys Joe Byron and Joe Grumbine. The pair, if you didn't already know, are being charged with marijuana sales stemming from a Dec. 17, 2009 raid on their collectives in Long Beach and Garden Grove.

The timing of this bizarre case couldn't be more appropriate. 15 years ago to the week, on Nov. 4, 1996, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 215, legalizing marijuana for medical use. Despite the fact the two Joes were providing cannabis to members of their collectives, just like all the other clubs that Long Beach has not only tolerated but even providing with permits, Judge Charles D. Sheldon won't allow them to mount a medical marijuana defense in their trial, which is scheduled to begin Nov. 28.

Their defense lawyers are appealing that ruling, but meanwhile, they need all the support--moral and monetary--that they can get.

Check out www.the-human-solution.org or call 951-436-6312 for more information on how you can get involved.

ORIGINAL POST, Nov. 11, 2:13 P.M.: With the criminal trial of a pair of popular local pot crusaders and the city's plan to prohibit marijuana as a backdrop, cannabis activists from throughout Southern California are descending on Long Beach today and tomorrow. So far, they've planned protests downtown both at both city hall and the courthouse next door. Their message: the "entire state of California is under attack from the Federal Government" and the "world is watching what transpires in Long Beach."

The first protest is scheduled for today at 4 p.m. in front of Long Beach City Hall at 333 W. Ocean Blvd., in anticipation of the city council's meeting tonight, when council members are expected to hear an update on a proposed ordinance reversing the city's current policy of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to operate.

As the Weekly previously reported, that policy was called into question by a lawsuit filed by marijuana patients whose collectives lacked a city permit and had been shut down. The lawsuit argued that because marijuana was illegal under federal law, the city had no right to regulate cannabis dispensaries. As a result, cities throughout California that have tolerated cannabis collectives are being forced to reevaluate their stance. Oops.

Protest number two is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. on the steps of the Long Beach Courthouse at 415 W. Ocean Blvd., where Joe Byron and Joe Grumbine, who used to operate two collectives in town, as well as the Unit D collective in Garden Grove, are being tried for selling marijuana. The pair are being denied the right to argue that they were doing so legally. Supporters are being asked to attend a hearing in their case that morning, and then to regather afterwards, at which time Grumbine will deliver a brief statement.

Further protests are already in the works for next week, so stay tuned for more information as it comes here at Navel Gazing's all-marijuana-all-the-time-blog, Cannabis Chronicles.

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This country was founded by cannabis farmers. It's Declaration of Independence was written on cannabis. The federal government should be tried for treason, cannabis can create a million jobs in thousands of industries.

Leonard Beechum
Leonard Beechum

OCWeekly, you fail to understand it would seem; (perhaps since you are not in the middle of this really) that the so called tolerance and ordinances around the State; and especially Long Beach weren't really there to protect access... do you realize no one really had a permit at all under this 5.87 Long Beach Ordinance.  However, what it did do is put a lowly check taking clerk (Erik Sund) in command of Long Beach Police, City Attorneys and other resources to violate and terrorize the patients, volunteers and directors of collectives that were not favored by happenstance of a so called permitted location....  We are talking WARRANTLESS raids and destruction of doors, security, camera systems, arrest, criminal prosecutions; WARRANTLESS Seizures and confiscations of medicine and materials; including Monetary assets and cash of citizens.

Living in terror each and every day while the city utilized a senseless badly written restrictive ordinance to guide this terror for over 1 year friends.

There are now so-called lottery participation collectives that are bitter regarding this overturning of the ordinance; but if they thought they could and would be friends of the city; they should think again.  They need to ally themselves with everyone and patients that are on this side of the issue.


Vincent Von Dudler
Vincent Von Dudler

I'd be there if I could.

"[Prohibition] attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes." - Abraham Lincoln

Tell your representatives -> http://pvox.co/CdiFqY


Everyone bring ten other people or as many as you can with you.


Supporters are being asked to attend a hearing in their case that morning, and then to regather afterwards, at which time Grumbine will deliver a brief statement.

--regather in front of the court house or city hall?


Courthouse steps.

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