Octomom Nadya Suleman Gets Top Billing on Millennium Poster

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The poster is out for the horror movie Millennium ("coming soon"), and Octomom Nadya Suleman gets top billing.

So it has to be good!

Actually, if a movie starring La Habra's otherwise unemployed single mother of 14 is a hit, she may move her circus out of Orange County to Hollywood. That makes it incumbent on all of us to go see this flick, and go see it often.

Here's that poster:


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I don't understand how anyone can walk through that house and not realize there is reportable neglect going on, things just seem to be getting worse. This movie will open NO doors for Octomom,  it's coming out on DVD, not even making it to a theater. Two weeks ago she wanted to be an actor, natural talent, now she is going to be a personal trainer, a job Suleman said she already was, but believe it or not, that was a lie. All this woman wants are hand outs to take care of her family. The small jobs she does take are simply to get her face on TV, magazines or to repeat her lies on radio. This whole thing would be funny, if there were not 14 little ones paying for their  mothers behavior and choices.Great job, Matt!


So,how are the 14 kids? Don't give a crap about the birth unit for the first six she didn't take care of or the latter 8. Glad someone else is caring for the kids while nadya plays boxing games and movies . " insert epic eye roll here"


Please Matt, do NOT encourage her to move closer to ME!

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