[UPDATE: With Irvine Protest] Occupy Santa Ana March Sees Large Turnout; Protest In Front of John Wayne Airport Tonight

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Brandon Ferguson
UPDATE NOVEMBER 17, 2011 8:30 P.M.: The most amusing part about this evening's Occupy protest in front of John Wayne Airport was the bewildered faces of cranky business travelers as they wheeled their suitcases through chanting crowds on the way back to their cars. But widespread support was demonstrated by the jubilant honking of passing cars. NBC Orange County Bureau Chief Vikki Vargas was even on hand to interview folks in the group of more than 50 people who had gathered at the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Michelson Drive. Comprised of activists from Occupy Irvine and moveon.org, the crowd had assembled as part of the national day of action marking the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
Brandon Ferguson

Brandon Ferguson
Original PostNovember 17, 2011 2:56 P.M.: The resounding question being asked since New York's Zuccotti Park was cleared of Occupiers Tuesday has been where does the movement go from that point. Santa Ana Occupy responded today with a long march north from the county Civic Center to the 5 Freeway. There, a group of more than 50 protesters, which included members of the Service Employees Industrial Union Local 1877, carried signs demanding justice for janitors while shouting common Occupy chants and the United Farm Workers-coined slogan, "Si Se Puede." 

The march crossed the overpass above the 5 Freeway, where the group split in half and lined sidewalks on both sides of Main Street north of the Discovery Science Center. Occupiers said they hoped to bring attention to the country's crumbling infrastructure, which could potentially be a source of jobs if the government decided to invest in repairs. 

While the march was peaceful, several Santa Ana Police officers constantly zipped alongside the procession on motorcycles. At one point, cops shouted through speakers at Occupiers who wandered onto Orange County High School of the Arts to distribute flyers to get off the campus.

This afternoon will see more protests in Irvine, where Occupiers, along with moveon.org, will march to the connector bridge near John Wayne Airport and MacArthur Boulevard.

Brandon Ferguson
26-year-old Joel Chavez Rallies the Troops
Updates to come...stay tuned!

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