Occupy Flash Mob Hits Santa Ana Walmart

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Brandon Ferguson
At 5 P.M., a "flash mob" of about 20 activists from Occupy Santa Ana quietly filed into the Walmart on Harbor Blvd. and McFadden in Santa Ana to tell employees not to come to work on Black Friday--the busiest shopping day of the year. 

Within minutes, they were standing shoulder to shoulder behind the store's cash registers, and in call and response format, began shouting from a prepared script.

Walmart Big.jpg
Brandon Ferguson
"It is wrong that the corporation you work for is making you come to work in the middle of the night when you should be at home with your families," the group declared in unison. "It is wrong that their profits soar while you struggle to make ends meet."

walmart small.jpg
Brandon Ferguson
Startled cashiers did their best to continue working while customers, some recording the event with cell phone cameras looked on. One employee was heard radioing for a manager to come to the front of the store. The entire spectacle lasted no more than three minutes and ended with the group chanting "You are the 99 percent!" as they exited the store and melted into the parking lot. It was rumored their next stop was the Walmart located at Lincoln and Tustin in Orange.  

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