OC: One of The Most Expensive Places in America

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​Now there's data to back up what our bank accounts have been telling us all along: This place ain't cheap.  

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) has released its third-quarter cost of living index, which outlines the most and least expensive cities in the country. And wouldn't you know it, we're on it. Orange County ranks as the tenth most expensive "city" in America. (Further proof that we're just "The O.C." to the rest of the country.) According to their calculations, living in OC is 43.5 percent more expensive than the national average. 

WSJ notes that wages tend to be higher in areas that cost more, so it all sorta kinda averages out in the end. Also, ranking cities can be a tricky task, so this isn't an end-all, be-all list. 

Still, if you're looking for a better bargain, you want to research Harlingen (Texas), Memphis or Ardmore (Oklahoma), the nation's least-expensive cities according to the index. Avoid Manhattan, Brooklyn and Honolulu, named the priciest.     

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Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers

California is so expensive because of the cost of providng the incredible weather.  A primary contributor to the warm weather is the Santa Ana winds which are the result of the hot air flowing out to sea from Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  The California politicians and Union leaders put out more hot air than any other group in the country.  Our high taxes pay for them to live in manner that encourages them to expel so much hot air.  We are very grateful to them and continue to re-elect them and increase their income and benefits and ask them to increase the taxes to make sure they are happy.

mitch young
mitch young

Funny how all that cheap imported construction labor -- and I know from personal and family experience that construction wages were being hit long before the economic turndown -- hasn't translated to cheaper home prices for the '99%'.

Fork n Knives
Fork n Knives

wait you me Memphis TN or is there a Memphis OK too?

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