Kids with Toy Rifle Spook Frazzled Drivers

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An assault rifle pointed from a minivan on Highway 60 in Walnut Friday afternoon prompted another driver to follow the vehicle onto Highway 71, into Chino Hills north of Orange County and finally a parking lot where seven summoned police and sheriff's units soon arrived as well.

Shortly thereafter, it was discovered the weapon was only a toy.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department statement issued Sunday says that before it was learned the gun was a replica, deputies had asked two parents standing outside the minivan to come to them. The children were then ordered out of the minivan, but they did not comply, according to the release.

Approaching deputies then figured out a toy sparked the scare. No one was cited or arrested, but officers did lecture the parents about the horrors that could come to someone pointing even a toy gun along the dusty trails of today's wild, wild west.

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I'm suprised they didn't just shoot everyone in the car and then issue a statement a few weeks after an investigation stating that the officers followed proper procedure.


Huh... thats my hood!  


The San Bernardino Sherriffs in Chino Hills are generally pretty professional and interact well with the community.  I know its says LA but they would have had SB there as they conducted their stop.  

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