[UPDATED with Denials:] Luis Carlos Escobar, Fleeing Coke Parolee Who Killed Motorist, and Alberto Aguilera, Bar Fight Murderer, Seek Paroles Today

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UPDATE, NOV. 29, 5:50 P.M.: The Board of Parole Hearings, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation meeting at California State Prison in Corcoran denied parole today for Luis Carlos Escobar, 51, who murdered a motorist in a crash while fleeing from agents busting him in an undercover coke sting in Anaheim in 1986. The panel meeting at California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo ruled the same for Alberto Aguilera, 51, who shot a man to death outside a Santa Ana bar in 1995. He's next eligible for a parole hearing in 2016, while Escobar has to wait until 2021.

ORIGINAL POST, NOV. 29, 9:22 A.M.: Two 51-year-old men convicted of very different murders more than a decade ago seek their paroles today. Luis Carlos Escobar was already on parole for distributing cocaine in 1986 when he killed a motorist in a 100 mph crash while fleeing from agents busting him in an undercover coke sting in Anaheim. Alberto Aguilera had been arguing over a woman with another man at a Santa Ana bar in 1995 when he shot the man in the face, killing him.

The Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) is opposing the paroles of both men.

Deputy District Attorney Matt Lockhart is scheduled to appear this afternoon at Escorbar's parole hearing at the prison holding him, California State Prison in Corcoran. Lockhart will maintain that Escobar is a threat to society based on the nature of the crime, his prior criminal record and 28 prison rules violations while incarcerated.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Stephan Sauer is scheduled to appear at Aguilera's hearing this morning at California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo. Sauer will argue that Aguilera is a continued threat to society based on the nature of the crime and his failure to accept responsibility for his actions.

Escobar was on probation for another crime when he was busted in 1981 for conspiracy to distribute five kilograms of cocaine. On Jan. 9, 1986--which was only six months after he had been released from federal prison for the previous coke case--Escobar and a partner sold two kilograms of cocaine for $80,000 to undercover Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement special agents in an Anaheim parking lot.

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