Joseph Fletcher, Disgraced Former Santa Ana City Attorney, Racking Up Fees and Perks as Interim Menifee City Attorney

Last time we checked in with Joseph Fletcher, the longtime attorney for SanTana was run out of town with a golden parachute. Well, the pendejo landed in Menifee, which I think is more Calimesa than Colton in the Inland Empire galaxy, as Methifee's interim city attorney--and, of course, he's getting a sweetheart deal.

The Californian is reporting that the city hired Fletcher while it's looking for a permanent city attorney--and he's not doing it for cheap.

"The city is paying him $165 an hour," reporters Jim Rothgeb, "plus transportation costs on a four-month contract, with expenses not to exceed $24,000."

Fletcher's law offices per his website are in Tustin, and ol' Google Maps says it's about 59 miles from Tustin to Menifee, which means a lot of gas. Which begs the question: why can't Fletcher just telecommute? And does the Menifee city council know that Fletcher left SanTana because he wasn't paying attention as two councilmembers violated conflict-of-interest laws? Or is Menifee still trying to decide why it incorporated? Inquiring minds want to know!

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