John Rodriguez, Serial Penis Flasher, Gets Year in Jail, 5 Years Probation, Lifetime Sex Offender Rap

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John Rodriguez, tried for stroking his penis at girls walking to school and grabbing one of them, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges today and was sentenced to a year in jail, five years of probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

The 6-foot-1, 350-pound, 20-year-old dental assistant copped to four misdemeanor counts of child annoyance, one misdemeanor count of indecent exposure and one misdemeanor count of false imprisonment.

Rodriguez roamed Santa Ana, Fountain Valley and Westminster for victims, some of whom the court heard today, according to an Orange County District Attorney's office statement on the conviction and sentencing:

During the sentencing today, victim impact statements were submitted to the court by Jane Doe #1 and Jane Doe #5. Jane Doe #1 wrote, "This crime changed me a lot because now I do not help others because I can't trust strangers. Sometimes at night I can't sleep because I feel like that man is going to come in through my window. My mom doesn't let me walk to school because she is scared that it could happen again. I don't want to be scared, but I can't help it."

Jane Doe #5 wrote, "This incident has affected my family, friends, community, and I in so many ways. Now when I walk home.I panic that someone else could do [the same thing], and this time rape me. I don't like to go out much [now] because I'm scared that something bad could happen to me."

Jane Doe #1 is a 15-year-old girl was walking to Los Amigos High School the morning of Jan. 25 when Rodriguez pulled up at Newhope Street and Opal Avenue in Fountain Valley in his black 2009 Toyota Camry and asked for directions to Mile Square Park. As she began to provide the information, he pulled down the front of his shorts and exposed his little dental instrument. He also seemed bound to eventually tell the girl to spit as he reached out and grabbed her wrist.

Fortunately, the girl was able to get away, run to her school and file a sexual assault report with the Fountain Valley Police Department.

Jane Doe #5 is a 16-year-old girl Rodriguez approached in much the same way on Aug. 11, as she was walking to Valley High School. Along Edinger Avenue, the burly brute asked through his car window if the girl wanted a ride. When she refused and kept walking, Rodriguez drove up next to her again and asked, "Want some dick?" He then whipped out his toothpick and started stroking it.

The girl ran to a group of women crossing the street nearby before later reporting the incident to Santa Ana Unified School District police. She later recognized Rodriguez from media coverage of his first four victims.

In the other cases, Rodriguez stroked his penis in front of 17- and 14-year-old sisters walking to Los Amigos High on Feb. 18 and exposed his J-Rod to an 18-year-old woman walking to La Quinta High School in Westminster on Aug. 16, asking her "How about some of this?"

The lifetime sex offender status will keep Rodriguez out of city and regional Orange County parks that have passed bans on pervs entering them. Of course, the are no laws keeping such creepers out of 2009 black Camrys on city streets.

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