Rep. John Campbell's Newport Beach Office Site of "Occupy Congress" Lunch Vigil Today

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The Progressive Democrats of America, who consider themselves comrades with the Occupy Wall Street movement, is now linking their "Brown Bag Vigils" of local congressional offices with the phenomenon.

In fact, they have one scheduled at noon today in front of the Newport Beach district office of Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach).

According to the PDA events page:


This month it is important for us to visit as many members of Congress as possible as the super committee is due to report before Thanksgiving. Make it clear; we need Jobs NOT Cuts.

We will be pressing for:

  • No cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!
    Cosponsor H Con Res 72
  • Stop the handouts to Big Pharma!
    Negotiate prescription drug prices under Medicare Part D
  • Make Wall Street pay and create JOBS!
    Sponsor the Financial Transaction Tax!
    Make jobs, not cuts

To learn more about what we will be covering that day, go here.

If you have any questions about our vigil, email Dr. Bill Honigman here.

Campbell's office is at 610 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach. The vigil is scheduled to run through 1 p.m.

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always amazed me that a community with that much wealth and purported intelligence would elect a car dealer as congressmana car dealer?as much as a toady for the oligarchs at least chris cox was a harvard educated lawyer


Whether you agree with them or not, at least this group has an agenda versus the "Irvine Hooverville" movement.

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