Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight, Provider of Legal Help for the Indebted, Files $10 Million Suit [Later Dismissed]

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Newport Beach-based Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight, LLP, which provides legal advice to consumers and small businesses facing crushing debt, is used to making legal moves on behalf of its clients. But the $10 million lawsuit the firm that goes by JHMK just filed is against four former employees [see update] who allegedly stole client data from the firm, defamed the firm on blogs and posed as sheriff's deputies when contacting some of the firm's "impressionable clients."

Also listed as a defendant in the suit filed late Wednesday is New Century Solutions, Inc. That Lake Forest competitor is accused of hiring three of the four fired JHMK employees, spreading false information about JHMK and coercing JHMK clients to leave the firm for New Century Solutions, jeopardizing many creditor settlements that were near completion. [See update]

The four "former disgruntled employees of the firm, whom were terminated for cause," according to a release from JHMK, are: Johnny Wayne Pettyjohn, Alejandro Reyes, Steven August Wiggenhauser and Ross G. Erskine. [The case was dismissed; see update]

They are accused of posting dozens of false complaints about JHMK, according to the suit, which alleges libel, defamation, theft of trade secrets and other offenses. The complaint seeks to permanently enjoin the four "from their repetitive posting of false and misleading information on internet complaint websites, which are viewed by millions of consumers worldwide."

Read the complaint here.

"If this was a boxing match, they would have been disqualified for hitting us below the belt," says William Hunter, a managing partner with JHMKin the firm's media statement. "We are here to help, not to hurt."

John Legge, the firm's founder, has a more harumph-sounding quote:

"We simply refuse to tolerate such a blatant attack on the character and values of our organization, and more importantly, the suspected outright theft of our client's personal and confidential financial information. We employ significant methods and processes to protect our clients' personal information from slipping into the wrong hands; however, in this instance, we simply could not have forecasted that our own people may be responsible for these bold and outright unethical crimes."

If JHMK wins the suit and the four former employees and New Century Solutions are wiped out by a $10 million judgment, we know where they can go for help (not hurt). [JHMK obviously did not win the suit; see update]

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Perhaps wannabe Matt Coker could pick up some pointers from R. Scott Moxley.


It is amazing how smug someone like Coker can be while UNWITTINGLY enabling Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight in fraud at MANY others’ expense. DOLT!!! Not one of the four mentioned by Coker was ever in any kind of employer-employee situation with Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight. Coker’s story was dated 11/21/2011. Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight was set up, by the Federal Trade Commission’s allegations, as some sort of sham company on 9/24/2011. Much can be inferred by a reasonable person by simply crossing Coker’s story with the actual timeframe itself.


Mr. Coker exercised such poor discretion in his biased opinion, based completely on his own foolishness, of actually endorsing fraud, and outright evil, in his review that OC Weekly should do the right thing, and avoid further embarrassment, by removing this feature altogether. Why would they want to continue to promote this rubbish and continue to further demonstrate that Mr. Coker unwittingly assisted Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight fraud? Not sure why OC Weekly would want the continued embarrassment, but, then again, maybe it’s because they enjoy making money at innocent people’s expense.


You see apparently in Mr. Coker’s world there is some sort of amusement we’re all supposed to derive from a sham company and a sham lawsuit that was dismissed. This is the problem with wannabe’s like Coker.

Had Coker done even the least little bit of research, his story could have earlier unearthed something much bigger and something much more compelling - the TRUTH about Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight. Instead…

Thank you Mr. Moxley and The Federal Trade Commission for getting it right!



The original article written by Coker was certainly not done with a nonpartisan approach. No mention was made as to whether Coker even tried to contact any of the four, which Coker was referencing, for comment. Instead Coker delivers this:

“If JHMK wins the suit and the four former employees and New Century Solutions are wiped out by a $10 million judgment, we know where they can go for help (not hurt).”

Amazing! Really? Sounds like an endorsement. Did Coker ever use any of Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight’s services, or even know someone who did? The FTC seems to be saying exactly the opposite of Coker:


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