Fight Unemployment by Occupying a T-shirt

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Amid high unemployment, low opportunity and a heaping helping of frustration, Jason Sadler has come up with a way for jobless Californians to demonstrate their way into an income.

And you don't have to occupy anything other than a t-shirt.

Through his Illinois-based, Sadler says he's paying people $30,000 to $40,000 a year to wear his tees. And he's looking for local models.

The always-there catch? The tees are emblazoned with the logo of a company' paying Sadler.

You've heard of bums on the street getting a few bucks to wear sandwich boards advertising some business or builder blow-out sale? Sadler is offering a variation where the underemployed can use themselves to advertise the wares of others. He boasts past I Wear Your Shirt customers have ranged from Nissan to LA-based Opportunity Green.

If this sounds like your opportunity to make some green, visit

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People Liking People
People Liking People

Pretty pathetic. We're facing serious tough times where people need real solutions, and this clown is using it as an opportunity to peddle his stupid t-shirt site. Shame on you Jason Sadler.

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