Horse Mysteriously Collapses at Knott's Berry Farm

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If you're spending any part of the long holiday weekend at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, stand clear of the horses.

That's because one attached to a stagecoach collapsed in front of people in line Sunday.

Witness Lindsey Herrod told KTLA/Channel 5 News the horses looked exhausted, started to tremble, and then collapsed. Another harnessed horse trampled the fallen horse, perhaps stepping on its face, Herrod reportedly said before adding it appeared blood flowed from the horse's mouth.

KTLA reported receiving this statement from the Buena Park theme park:

"The horse received medical attention that night, but the veterinarian in attendance was not clear as to what caused the fall. The horse is still under doctor's care until we can determine the root cause of the animal's behavior."

Horse down.

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Angel McCauley
Angel McCauley

Colic most likely is what is wrong if it is colic they need to make sure the horse stays on its feet or it could die I pray they figure out what is wrong and save him or her 

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