[UPDATED with Continuance:] Gregory Matthew Miley, Accomplice of "Freeway Killer" William Bonin, Seeks Parole

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Miley in '80
UPDATE, NOV. 30, 2:07 P.M.: Realizing that parole would be denied, "Freeway Killer" accomplice Gregory Matthew Miley agreed to a three-year continuance of his request until 2014.

The 50-year-old is serving a 25 years to life prison sentence in Corcoran for the kidnappings, sexual assaults and murders of two boys in Orange and Los Angeles counties in 1980. The boys were two of the 14 murder victims pinned to William Bonin, the first inmate to die by lethal injection in California.

ORIGINAL POST, NOV. 30, 8:21 A.M.: Gregory Matthew Miley could have received the death penalty for his role in the kidnappings, sexual assaults and murders of two boys in Orange and Los Angeles counties the morning of Feb. 3, 1980. But because Miley helped put away "Freeway Killer" William Bonin--the first inmate to die by lethal injection in California--the then-18-year-old was sentenced to 25 years to life in state prison. Now Miley wants to be paroled.

Not so fast, cautions Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

Rackauckas is opposing now 50-year-old Miley's parole on grounds that he remains a "significant threat to public safety" as proven by the circumstances of the murders and multiple prison rules violations.

A sadistic Vietnam War veteran out of Downey, Bonin spent most of the seventies behind bars for sex attacks on young men. He was paroled in 1978 and got a truck driving job in Montebello.

For the next two years, Bonin would pick up young male hitchhikers, sexually assault them, strangle them to death and leave their bodies along Southern California freeways. Bonin often used sadistic young helpers, one of whom was Miley.

In the early morning hours of Feb. 3, 1980, Bonin was driving his van with Miley aboard when they picked up 14-year-old Charles Miranda near the Starwood Ballroom in West Hollywood. They drove several blocks, parked, and then Bonin sodomized Miranda. Miley tried to do the same, but he was unable to sustain an erection. Bonin and Miley then tied Miranda's hands and feet together, Bonin grabbed Miranda's shirt, put it around the boy's neck, and began twisting the shirt to suffocate him. Miley then held the shirt while Bonin picked up an iron bar, wrapped it in the shirt and twisted it until the victim suffocated to death. Miranda's body was dumped in a downtown Los Angeles alley before the killers drove on to Huntington Beach.

Later that same morning, they lured into the death van 12-year-old James McCabe, who was walking to Disneyland. As Miley drove, Bonin sexually assaulted McCabe. Once the van was parked, Bonin and Miley murdered McCabe by holding him down and twisting a shirt around the victim's neck until he suffocated to death. McCabe's body was placed in a dumpster in the city of Walnut.

Miley was living in Houston, Texas, on Aug. 22, 1980, when, during a recorded phone conversation with a friend, he admitted to participating in the sexual assaults and murders of the two victims. Miley waived extradition on charges of murdering Miranda and McCabe, plus two counts of robbery and one count of sodomy.

During the latter months of his killing spree, Bonin was under police surveillance as some of his other accomplices had ratted him out to save their own skins. One, Vernon Butts, chose to hang himself in jail. Bonin was sentenced to death in 1982 for 10 LA County murders, and he received the ultimate penalty again the next year for four other Orange County killings. Bonin later told a television reporter his actual body count was 21.

On the 20th anniversary of JFK's assassination--Nov. 22, 1983--Miley was sentenced to 25 years to life in state prison for the Orange County murder. However, he was allowed to serve the time concurrently with his previous LA County conviction, also first-degree murder.

While awaiting death at San Quentin, Bonin enjoyed playing bridge with another OC serial killer, Randy Kraft. Bonin got plenty of hands in as he was not executed by lethal injection until Feb. 23, 1996.

Orange County Deputy District Attorney Matt Lockhart is scheduled to appear at Miley's parole hearing this morning at the institution currently holding him, the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran.

According to an OCDA statement, Miley has wracked up 26 prison rules violations, including nine serious violations for threats against an inmate, sexual behavior for attempting to engage in non-consensual sodomy, refusal to report and remain in school, possession of unauthorized medication, renting out property to another inmate, failure to report, failure to comply with grooming standards, and responsibility for counts.

Because Miley cannot follow rules in a controlled environment, the OCDA reasons he won't be able to once outside, making him a threat to the community. His drug use and the ugly nature of his crimes don't hold out much hope either.

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I knew one of the victims  they had  been lured into van because free drugs --my friend admitted to hitching rides since the second grade----at first this was drugs and some sexual prostitution --then   randomly it  must have been  escalated to murder. The victim I new because I spent time with him and his friend and family-- he just liked hitch hiking at first then by the seventh grade it was drugs--- and just to note most serial killers are white males---


White people do not commit crimes like this!  No way Jose...........No way!


This monster should never be let out because he is an admitted multiple murderer, but serious violations of "refusal to report and remain in school, possession of unauthorized medication, renting out property to another [inmate], failure to report, failure to comply with grooming standards, and responsibility for counts" sounds like what my father, I and my children did during out school years!  We are all successful adults, by the way.


He withdrew his bid for parole, according to a story on the Reg site.

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