Goold's Gold Exposes an Inconvenient Truth About Global-Warming Opportunities

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In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore told you about the consequences from global warming.

In Goold's Gold, Jonathan Goold tells you about the opportunities from global warming.

You can see the documentary, which was directed and produced by Orange Coast College English instructor Tucker Capps, for free Tuesday.

Goold is a geophysicist who searches for gold on land exposed by Alaska's melting glaciers. Capps' 75-minute documentary on the colorful character was an official selection at April's Newport Beach Film Festival, a juried grand prize winner at New York's Gen Art Film Festival last summer and an honorable mention honoree at the recent Austin Film Festival in Texas.

Orange Coast College's Honors Program and Friends of the Library present Tuesday's free 7 p.m. screening in Robert B. Moore Theatre on the Costa Mesa campus. Click here to learn more about Goold's Gold and/or check out this trailer:

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mitch young
mitch young

I've often wondered why the panic over global warming. Sure things will change, but some of that change will be good. For example, they are now growing wine grapes in England (or Cornwall, to be exact) for the first time since the Romans. That is largely due to 'climate change'. Canada and Russia really stand to gain as more crops can be produced farther north. And the 'change' happens so slowly that it should be relatively painless to adapt. Of course, some peoples in low lying countries will be screwed, but I never like the Dutch anyway.  


Didnt the northeast recently get several inches of global warming dumped on them? 

mitch young
mitch young

I'm old enough to remember the warnings about global cooling. 

Science is hard, esp. non-laboratory science like meteorology or seismology.


But the bones tell me when the earth will move...

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