Don Peters Banned by USA Gymnastics for Life and Stripped From Hall of Fame

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Don Peters, the 1984 U.S. women's gymnastics Olympic team head coach who recently left his influential Huntington Beach gym and moved out of the area under the cloud of sex-abuse allegations, has been banned from the sport and had his place in the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame revoked.

Declared "permanently ineligible" after a USA Gymnastics disciplinary hearing last week, Peters will have his new status published in the foundation's magazine and posted on its website.

Peters, the coach and director of SCATS gym in Surf City, resigned last month following aggressive reporting into the allegations by the Orange County Register's Scott M. Reid, who had two gymnasts saying on the record they had sex with Peters as teens in the 1980s--as well as a third who apparently refused to come forward.

He cannot be prosecuted for violating California law due to the statute of limitations having expired.

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J. Dillards
J. Dillards

Lets see, this guy ran a gym called SCAT'S Gym and he's a pervert? Well big f 'ing surprise, no?

Alex Grenier
Alex Grenier

Well, he can always go see Chuck Smith at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and be a CC Pastor. I hear the pay is good...and you can pretty much get away with any sort of sexual misconduct, scandal and abuse, etc.

Treadmill bangalore
Treadmill bangalore

This is really funny, My phone actually has more processing speed that it !!! . It is time for netbooks to evolve, why is it taking so long?


Should be very interesting to see how that all turns out. I mean like

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