Deepak Chopra, Doctor And Best-Selling Author, Will Be At Chapman University Wednesday To Speak To Veterans

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Deepak Chopra
An international leader in the field of mind and body healing is making an OC pit stop Wednesday to meet with veterans and service members. 

Chapman University's Institute for Military Personnel, Veterans, Human Rights and International Law is hosting Deepak Chopra, a doctor, author and public speaker, as part of its Distinguished Speaker Series. 

Chopra has authored some fifty-five books, including the New York Times best-seller, Peace Is the Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End. Throughout his career, he's also taught medicine at Tufts and Boston universities and worked as chief of staff at the Boston Regional Medical Center.

In 1996, he helped open the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, which according to its website, hosts retreats and programs that "integrate the healing arts of the East with the best in modern Western medicine." 

Although Wednesday's event is open to the public, it's geared toward "service members, veterans or anyone in need of healing from war," says Karen Mu, who works for the institute at Chapman. "We want to focus on veterans, to help them cope." 

The hour-long event, which starts at 4:30 p.m., will be in room 404 at Beckman Hall on Champan's campus. To reserve a spot, email or call 714-628-2692.

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Wow Greg Yee really seems to dislike Chopra. I have always thought of this guy as a quack! But, I have no confidence in any Indian, (eastern that is) not a racial stereotype, just just based on my personal experiences...

I would much rather see VETERANS helping other veterans than any foreigner that has never been "at risk" in combat.

Gregory Yee
Gregory Yee

Fuck this scam artist for preying on the grieving and fuck OC Weekly for giving him the slightest shred of legitimacy. He belongs in a Nick Schou hit piece.

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