David Whiting: Cops Can Kill Innocent Man; Just Don't Screw with Nixon Library Floor Mats

Whiting and The Art of Bootlicking
Six Fullerton cops savagely beat a defenseless homeless man to death in July, but that didn't piss off Orange County Register columnist David Whiting.

In fact, officers literally tore off Kelly Thomas' face before he took his last breath. Thomas' crime? He took unopened junk mail from trash cans and may have looked inside parked cars.

Whiting urged an outraged community to calm down and show respect to the offending cops because they have such difficult jobs.

He also espoused the greatness of the police department despite the fact that senior police officials shamelessly attempted to cover up the crime by falsely attributing violent acts to the victim.

What pissed off Whiting was the work of Fullerton businessman/blogger Tony Bushala and KFI's John and Ken, who made sure that the cops didn't get away with murder and three local politicians (who defended the badged thugs) are held accountable in an upcoming recall election.

I wrote about Whiting's bootlicking HERE in a recent Moxley Confidential.

Six Fullerton cops unnecessarily turned this human being into . . .
But it's not just a brave citizen and radio journalists who anger the Register's front-page columnist.

He's found something else that unnerves him enough to fuel a column: a potential conspiracy involving the floor mats at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda.

That's right, folks. Whiting is upset because the floor mats aren't, in his view, adequately respectful of the 37th president because someone designed them in a distinct 1970s style and, going with that style, Nixon's name doesn't have a capital "N."

(Such despicable conduct surely is worthy of felony arrest--unless the mats were created by a cop, a retired cop, someone related to a cop or a mall security guard, no?)

Look carefully and you'll see a dastardly anti-Nixon conspiracy worth of outrage!
So while the rest of Orange County rightfully worries about murderous police brutality, Whiting is using his prominent position at the county's largest daily newspaper to research floor mats in hopes of finding villainous conduct on behalf of outgoing Nixon Library executive director Timothy Naftali, an acclaimed author and historian.

He cannot stand the thought that Nixon, dead 17 years, might have been victimized by a floor mat conspiracy.

"My review of other presidential libraries finds red, white and blue themes with stars and eagles," Whiting complained in his column. "And the presidents' last names get a capital letter. Born and buried in Orange County, this Cold War warrior who warmed U.S. relations with China deserves similar respect."

It is, of course, no surprise that Whiting would be enamored by Nixon, who not only supported but encouraged police brutality (as well as numerous burglaries) while he was president.

What's worse here is this: Once again, Whiting has found a way to wipe his muddy loafers on the memory of Kelly Thomas.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

(rscottmoxley at ocweekly dot com)

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I think you guys need to make the Kelly Thomas beaten face shot your masthead.  You've run it so many times it's practically synonymous with the weakly. 


I was with you until the Nixon slam. 


Let's make sure that Whiting's incredible discovery makes it to Fox so that the American people are kept abreast of this latest conspiratorial development created by the left wing media. Conservatives love this kind of crap so that their tunnel vision is maintained. To Whiting, OC Rag readers, and similar assholes: Go fuck yourselves.


Whiting needs to add floor mat licking to his boot and ass licking activities.  If I caught him in a dark alley with no witnesses, I would straight up cornhole him, literally.  I would stick my rod right up his pale cheeks.  Strictly to humiliate him.  LOL, he'd probably like it.

Henry Gattis
Henry Gattis

Whiting is a tired old asshole. The Nixon Generation folks are dying off quick, the kids that grew up going to Esperanza and smoking Aculpulco Gold, care more about their car.

They could give a shit about Nixon.

Look at Mike Duvall as an example.

Glenn Grab
Glenn Grab

this is a bit of a reach, even if I do agree with you about Kelly Thomas....


Sounds like the reaction of a pathetic, sniveling OC Reg staffer.

mitch young
mitch young

Gustavo's sockpuppet is as eloquent as ever.


You are obviously new to these parts, as anything Moxley writes is gospel—just ask Mike Carona!

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