Dana Rohrabacher: Newt Gingrich is a Poseur

Turkey makes Rohrabacher think of Gingrich.
The broken clock syndrome that saves Congressman Dana T. Rohrabacher from a continual series of embarrassing, boneheaded decisions has struck again.

Rohrabacher didn't use his Thanksgiving Twitter soapbox to take his usual foaming-at-the-mouth-but-ultimately-limp swings at journalists who long ago discovered the often hilarious emptiness of his act.

No, the 64-year-old Costa Mesa Republican's tryptophan-tequila overload produced that right-twice-a-day phenomena that fileted fellow GOPer and presidential candidate Newton Leroy Gingrich, 68.

To nobody in particular, Rohrabacher decided to Tweet this on Thanksgiving evening: "RReagan was a friend of mine and you Newt are no RR."

Setting aside the Reagan commandment violation and the theft of Lloyd Bentsen's line, Orange County's senior, career politician--who was born in the Year of the Pig--is, of course, right.

Gringrich, who--like Rohrabacher--managed to evade Vietnam War military duty on their paths to becoming shameless chicken hawks, desperately wants the Reagan faithful to join his ranks in his march to win the Republican presidential nomination for a chance to topple President Barack Obama.

On three separate occasions years ago, I had a group lunch in Washington, D.C. with Gingrich. In each of those encounters, he said the exact same thing, leading me to conclude that he's at best a functioning robot with few, if any, of Reagan's redeeming qualities.

Having worked closely with Gingrich during their decades in Congress, Rohrabacher--who served in the Reagan White House and never passes up an opportunity to wrap himself tightly in that fact--arrived at the same conclusion.

I anxiously await the congressman's next correct observation and pray that it occurs before mid-2012.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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no but dana and newt both have something in commonthey survive courtesy of an electorateas noted in jesses cafe about the wall street fraud de jouer

It says a lot about a society where customers can be openly robbed, and markets can be blatantly rigged, and even more about the people who defend it and hold it up as an ideal for the rest of the world.This is what the average American mind cannot yet grasp, but those outside the system see it clearly. And it is puzzling to them. How can a reasonably educated and well off people act as such willing fools for those who take such shameless advantage of them?

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