Dana Rohrabacher Described as a Woman By Newspaper

Dana Rohrabacher has been called many unpleasant names over the years and deserved most of the derision.

The oddball Costa Mesa congressman prefers to be called "patriot," which is how he commonly refers to himself.

But a newspaper called Rohrabacher "congresswoman" today.

From The Economic Times:

"China is an increasingly hostile and disruptive force in the world. The idea that we are cooperating with them in any capacity is alarming. China has aggressively sought our technologies through legal and illegal methods for decades," Congressswoman Dana Rohrabacher said.
"Anything that allows China any access to our technology or planning brings forth some major counter-intelligence issues," she said.

She said?

Does Rep. Loretta Sanchez has a new shopping companion?
We'd heard rumors that Rhonda Rohrabacher wore the pants in the family. And we did notice that the congressman/woman's cheeks have looked a bit more rosy lately, but thought it was just the tequila overdoses.

Did he/she have a secret operation?

Is Rohrabacher now officially ball-less?

Do the triplets have two mommies?

Is Dana now really Diana?

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