Conrad Murray Sued by Newport Beach Attorney Repping Imaging Company

As if looking at four years in state prison for his role in the King of Pop's death is not bad enough, Dr. Conrad Murray is also facing a lawsuit brought by a Newport Beach attorney on behalf of a Poway nuclear medicine imaging systems company.

The complaint against Murray, MSNBC and other media companies demands Digirad Imaging Solutions be paid more than $147,000 the physician owes before he is paid anything for his exclusive interview in the documentary Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship airing tonight.

Filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court by Timothy Aires of the Aires Law Firm on Newport Center Drive, the suit also seeks court costs, attorney fees and interest of $40.48 compounding daily on the original $147,085.

MSNBC Cable LLC, NBCUniversal Media LLC, October Films LLC, October Films, What's It All About? Productions, Zodiak Media Group Ltd. and Zodiak Media Group PLC are being used as "mere subterfuges employed by defendant Conrad Robert Murray to escape liability for his debts and obligations, including the judgment," reads the Digirad complaint.

Meanwhile, the complaint continues, Murray gets to "enjoy and retain the benefits of ownership and possession of his equitable and beneficial interest in the assets held by those entities, including, without limitation, money paid or to be paid to defendants" for the documentary, his interview or rights and proceeds from it.

In other words, Dr. Propofol gets his. Where is our's?

Murray is being held without bail before his scheduled Nov. 29 sentencing in an LA criminal courtroom that just had a jury convict him of involuntary manslaughter. While he could get four years in state prison at that hearing, legal experts suspect he'll serve less time than that due to prison overcrowding. The judge could also order him to pay restitution to Jackson's children and mother.

Meanwhile, the Houston-based physician is being sued for wrongful death by Joe Jackson, the entertainer's father, and has been embroiled in a legal fight with medical malpractice insurance company Medicus Insurance Co. of Austin since August 2010.

In an unusual move, a request to the medical board in Texas to immediately strip Murray of his license may come from his own attorneys so he will be eligible to re-apply for it in a year.

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Q: What do you get when you put a liar, a bunch of corporate, promoters, and a frail pop star with a billion dollor song catalogue that's been indexed as collaterel in an unprecedented, lock-tight contract together?


A hideous scenario of almost epic levels of exploitation, deception and abuse waiting to happen.

Best thing about this scenario of course is that no-one cares because it's Michael Jackson and no-one gives a damn about him anyway right? He's just an addict right? Drugs for kicks and a high life mixing it up in nightclubs and opiate dens in Soho or Monaco right?

Except he wasn't.

Jackson was desperate for the one thing you and I do every night. Sleep. Just sleep. Without it, the body and mind cannot repair vitality and things go horribly wrong rather quickly.  Unfortunately, Jackson didn't meet someone who understood that bodily crisis; he met someone who was looking out for their own.

During the recently screened interview, Murray, previously a silent, crying defendant in court, now bolshily contradicts the story he told police about his actions while Jackson was dying on June 25, 2009.

He told the "Today" programme he put Jackson to sleep and then left the room to talk on the phone because he didn't want to wake up the sleep-deprived Jackson. In contrast, he had told cops he had only left Jackson alone for a couple of minutes to use the restroom. Reasons for not mentioning propofol to anyone? Apparently it just " wasn't important" according to Murray.

So in the end what do we have?

The perfect crime it seems and now with its very own reality show star. You gotta love America. When they **** an innocent man over -- and by that I mean Jackson -- they do it with bells on.


thank you for those true statments we live in a terrible country i doctor kills his patient and we honor him will a reality show and the dead gets no respect i did not watch it and i will never watch it and i belive not many people did so see there is a God and when murry goes to jail i hope he get F in the butt real hard

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