Wing Lam of Wahoo's Fish Taco Adds a Side of Road Opposition to His Latest Ford Commercial

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Photo by Meranda Carter/
OC Weekly
Give Wahoo's Fish Taco co-founder Wing Lam credit for working his Mexican food chain into widely seen television commercials for other companies. In 2000, he and his righteous whiskers appeared in a national spot for Merrill Lynch and its small business services. Lately, Lam and his Wahoo's van have turned up in Southern California Ford Dealers ads touting the vehicle made for small businesses.

But in the most-recent Ford commercial, Lam sneaks in a political message.

First, here's the commercial you may have already seen:

Here's the one with the provocative tee:

Save Trestles, of course, is the loose-knit coalition of surfers, environmentalists and other do-gooders fighting to stop the Foothill-South (241) Toll Road from carving into ecologically sensitive lands and mucking up the world-famous Trestles surf beach.

It's unclear whether Lam's silent demonstration will be enough to push back the millions and millions noisy toll road builders are spending for a project whose first, 4-mile stretch is already winning approval from the Orange County officials they've bought and paid for.

But you've got to love this tee shirt opposing a road turning up in an ad for vehicles that could one day traverse it:


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