Seven Bizarre Steve Jobs Memorial Items on eBay

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And the ambulance chasers are off: Just hours after the death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was announced, eBay is already filled with dozens of "memorial items."

Your always expected T-shirts and stickers are there, sure, but what about a domain name going for $14K? Or an iDead decal for your bong? 

7. iDead Decal

The item description reads:

Potential Buyers,

Up for auction is a 2" tall by approximately 5.5" wide decal that reads "iDead". Perfect for your iPod, iPad, Apple notebook, of windows PC.

Made with high quality sign vinyl, and will last for years on car windows, iPads, iPods, bongs, or whatever else you might want to stick a decal commemorating Steve Jobs illustrious life onto.

$2 shipping whether you order 1 or 100.
Bonus: This same decal also comes in "iDed" and "iDied" varieties.

6. iPhone Case


Because every time you reach for your phone you want to be reminded of death.

5. Steve Domain Name

4. Steve Jobs the Apple Man Domain

Well this one just makes the last one look like a bargain.

3. iGod T-shirt

2. 2010 Issue of Time Magazine

1. Steve Jobs Bust


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He created tens of thousands of jobs - in Asia.

timo honkanen
timo honkanen

I think we all could just bite one juicy apple for the memory!

Lost Weekend
Lost Weekend

No disrespect meant for the dead, but the photos of him in his latter-day are rather Satanic in appearance.  There are better, more respectful photos of him out there, people!  Use them!

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