Sprinklers Disrupt Irvine Protest

Occupy Orange County organizer D'Marie Mullatierri said Irvine activists got a rude awakening this morning when the sprinkler system on the lawn in front of the Irvine city hall suddenly activated. This is the same lawn where the group, who is standing in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, has been staging a prolonged protest. Though an amplifier, generator and a few activists were soaked, no serious damage resulted.

Nontheless, Mullatierri suspects there might be more at play than a malfunctioning irrigation system. For seven days now, the group has gotten accustomed to the sprinklers' schedule, which until this morning has been predictable.

 Every night, in accordance with a city ordinance against camping, the group moves from the park when it closes at 10 P.M. and stands on the adjacent sidewalk. Everybody returns to the lawn when it opens at 6 A.M. the following morning. Mullatierri says the sprinklers usually come on at night, when the park is closed. It was a little different today.

 "People started going into their tents to sleep and the sprinklers came on at 9 o'clock," said Mullatierri. She added the water suddenly stopped and started three more times over a 45 minute period. 

Mullatierri said group members notified Irvine Police of the snafu and were directed to the public works department who who is looking into what happened. Mulatierri isn't totally convinced it was an accident.

"We were here last Saturday and there were no sprinklers. They watered last night. For it to happen at 9 0'clock when everything was up, it looked suspicious."

 For now, things are back on track and the group plans to continue with an afternoon march. Mullatierri says Occupy Orange County members will attend Tuesday's city council meeting to request the city make an exception for the group to indefinetly stay camped on the lawn. After seven days in the activism business, she remains optimistic.

 "We're gonna prevail. They're not going to hose us away," she said.



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The hatred that appears to be coming out of these communist OWS people is amazing.


Bwahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahah. That is awesome. Get off my lawn!!!!!!!

IrvineCompany Flunky
IrvineCompany Flunky

They had to turn on the sprinklers. The stench from Theo Hirsch was overpowering


Guess you could say that these protesters are all wet.  Those sprinklers are likely on a weekly timer watering device, managed by the private landscaping company who is contracted by the City.  Sorry, no big conspiracy here.  As to the "We're gonna prevail comment," my only question is exactly what to they hope to accomplish and what is it that they will prevail over? 


"Those sprinklers are likely on a weekly timer watering device, managed by the private landscaping company who is contracted by the City."

You seem to ignore the change in scheduling, as listed in the article. A mistake, or are you just glossing over what quite possibly a cruel prank perpetrated by someone who does not wish them to be there? Wouldn't you do something like this if you felt threatened? I think you would. If someone changed city ordinance when they were obeying it, then that person needs to have light cast on them so we can all see who they are as opposed to just throwing water from the shadows like a coward, not to mention they could have caused serious harm by dousing electrical equipment in water.

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