Ronald Reagan Statue is Not Enough: 5 More Ways Park Can Honor the Gipper

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By Gabriel Polonsky/
A bronze statue of Ronald Reagan was dedicated at Bonita Canyon Sports Park in Newport Beach Sunday. (Bonita Canyon Sports Park, where have I heard that name before? Oh yes, HERE, in a post about Newps dumping its former city attorney for allegedly getting in a DUI wreck near the park.)

Dana Rohrabacher was there telling stories about playing army in Afghanistan while working for Dutch Reagan. Sigh. I dunno, Newport Beach artist Miriam Baker's sculpture just doesn't seem like enough to honor of the 40th
president of these disjointed United States.

After the jump are five more proposed park fixtures to salute the Gipper . . .

The Clear Channel Ronald Reagan Memorial Amphitheatre
Time was, there were limits on how many newspapers, TV channels and radio stations one person or entity could own. It was seven radio stations, seven TV stations and seven newspapers until 1984, when Reagan pushed to change it to 12 apiece for newspapers and TV stations, arguing it would give consumers more choice. (Ah, doublespeak . . .) Now it's unlimited for radio stations, which is why Clear Channel seems to own every goddamn one (and censoring what you can listen to while they are at it), while media consolidation is the rule for everything else. Most of the infotainment you get is filtered through GE, CBS, Disney, Viacom, News Corp. and Time Warner. And the answer to the consolidation that has accompanied the death of daily print journalism in Southern California? Still more consolidation. Yippee! Hey, let's hold an all-day reunion concert in the new show bowl with a bunch of Reagan-era punk bands. Call it Return to the Gipper Hole.

Ronnie Stopped the Bureaucracy Cold Community Thermometer
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Photo by Googie Man/Wikipedia Commons
Did you know the world's largest thermometer is in the same state once governed by Reagan? Yes it is, in Baker near the Nevada border. If you've run out of gas around there, you know Baker isn't doing nearly as hot as the typical 1,237-degree summer weather there. Surely the townsfolk would welcome selling their biggest attraction for a song so it can be imported to Bonita Canyon park. Once in place, it will be repainted to reflect Gov. Reagan's bold statements about stopping the growth of government in California--despite the fact that the Golden State budget grew by 122 percent during his eight years in office. To reflect this, when it's 75 degrees in Newport Beach, his memorial weather stick will inform us it's 54 degrees.

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I think that since the Gipper was responsible for the closing of halfway houses for the mentally ill (housing and montoring meds for thousands of veterans), a statue of homeless vets would be appropriate.


the only actor that shared credits with  MONKEY..................WAA WAA

Eric Longabardi
Eric Longabardi

Coker, funny at times, but there you go again... we commence bombing  in 5 minutes :) lol

You should investigate why this right-wing squirrel was so shocked that his beloved trees had been removed from the medium of Irvine Ave in Newport Beach that he set off a chain of events that nearly resulted in a man and his dog named CAT ending up in the hospital.

The ALZ reference, a cheap shot as usual for the Reagan-revisionist ultra-lefty haters :)

Stick w/Bubba Clinton, he at least left his mark on the US Presidential legacy in a more fitting fashion...

or was that a stain? :)

-Eric Longabardi


Whaa? No steaming pile of bullcrap? Or should that be elephant dung?


Hilarious, well done, Coker; soon to be called Coke-head by the Gipper hordes here.


These days the B-movie actor is somehow considered a great president.  I am old enough to remember the corrupt administration that he headed (how many scandals were there involving administration officials).  I know that the economy was ugly at that time.  Apparently, he said memorable things.  Ah well, history gets rewritten after those old enough to remember otherwise have gone.

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