Protesters Disrupt Bankers Meeting at Balboa Club

The LA Times is reporting that protesters disrupted a bankers conference held at a Newport Beach yacht club on Monday. According to Sgt. Steve Burdette, Newport Beach Police responded to the Balboa Bay Club Monday at 10 A.M., where a large group of protesters with a campaign known as ReFund California pushed their way into the banquet room.

 Baffled men in suits from the California Bankers Association  looked on as protesters chanted and held up signs reading "Make banks pay."

Burdette said protesters filed out peacefully after they were told to leave adding no arrests were made. The group of 50 to 60 then made their way to a nearby sidewalk where they continued to protest. posted video of the incident (above), which shows a man making several loud demands, primarily that banks stop ripping off tax payers with tactics such as interest rate swaps. 

After this protest, the group caravanned to the Bel Air to the home of One West Bank CEO Steve Mnunchin to demand his bank stop foreclosure proceedings on the home of La Puente resident Rose Gudiel. According to the Huffington Post, One West agreed Thursday to cancel the eviction on Gudiel's home and discuss a modification proposal.

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Balboa Bay Club and Resort

1221 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA

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