PHOTOS: Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland

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I went to my first Mickey's Halloween Party last Friday!

I shot photos and wrote words about the experience!

Think I'm lying? Find out if I am after the jump!

Nope, not lying.

I've always loved the month of October in the parks. Disney is thorough about pretty much everything they do, but they seem to give an extra bit of attention to detail during their celebration of Halloween.

Yes, I've been in the parks many times before during the month of October, but I never felt the need to go to the special ticket event, mostly because of the extra cost. Is the park really all that different during the event, or at least different enough to warrant a $60 price tag?

It is. Part of it is due to Disney's extra push, but a huge part of it has to do with the park goers themselves. There were so many great and imaginative costumes on kids and adults alike, and it was great to see entire families dress up and get in the spirit of all things Halloween.

Of course, as expected, Mickey Mouse was everywhere. There were Mickey pumpkins...


...Mickey ghosts...


...and Mickey pirate pumpkins.


The creepy little details were what made the park feel different. From the lighting on the Sailing Ship Columbia, to the fog that rolled around it on the Rivers of America.


I especially like this eerie shot of the Walt and Mickey statue in front of Cinderella Castle. It looks like their spirits are emerging out of the light!


A special Halloween-themed parade called Mickey's Costume Party made its way down Main Street.

The bad part: The parade featured only one song that performers sang over and over and over again. The good part: It featured some more rare characters from Disney's character archive, including a few Monsters, Inc. fellas like George Sanderson...


...a handful of oldies like Clarabelle Cow...


...and Big Al from Country Bear Jamboree and King Louie from The Jungle Book.


Of course, Jack Skellington is still well represented throughout the park...


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