Omaima Aree Nelson: NSFW Shot of Nude Party Girl-Turned-Cannibal Wife

From the bizarre--PETA seeking a vegan diet be a condition of cannibal wife Omaima Nelson's parole--we move now to the sublime:


OK, so she's not exactly live, and the NSFW photo after the jump could very well have been photoshopped. But it is definitely nude . . .

Among those following Nelson's bid for parole for luring her husband of three weeks into a nightmare orgy of bondage, torture, mutilation and cannibalism is blogger The Duchess of Hackney, who describes herself as an "ex felon and former madam."

Media coverage of today's parole hearing at Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla hit the Duchess like a ton of prison bricks. She writes of having met Nelson while both were serving time in the '90s, although the author knew it's bad form to ask a lifer about her crime, unless she shares it with you.

Based on rumors around the cell blocks, all Duchess knew was Nelson chopped up her husband's body and drove around for days with his body in the trunk. ("Turns out it was even more gruesome.") Nelson did reveal she had been a model in Egypt, "although at barely 5ft, I wonder what type of modeling it was."

Duchess does not believe a satisfied Nelson will leave today's parole hearing, which was scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m. at Chowchilla.

"She was a loner so we were not the best of pals but a few times we fast walked around the track, usually trying to cover at least 3 miles. I doubt she'll be fast walking out of prison any time soon and I anticipate her parole appeal will be turned down." To illustrate her trip down memory lane, Duchess shared this photo of the "nude party girl back in the day":

The same photo turns up in a comments thread at Serial Killer Central.

More Omaima:

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Torg T. Robot
Torg T. Robot

I can't wait for John Waters to make a movie about this.


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That is definitely a photo of Omaima taken by the victim a fews days before she killed him. She certainly looks abused doesn't she?  By the time she went to trial she porked up quite a bit and did not hve that body.

mitch young
mitch young

I am guessing Photoshopped, the head seems too big for the body. We're talking Giada de Laurentis proportions. 

Nice natural floppers, though.


Are you really spamming a blog, and on a story about some coke whore cannibal? Pathetic..


Cocaine is a hellava drug!

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