Santa Ana Off-Duty Cop Shoots and Kills a Guy

The off-duty officer from the Santa Ana Police Department has not been identified, but the circumstances that led him to shoot and kill a man in Lakewood this morning have been released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The cop heard noises outside his Longworth Avenue home, went outdoors to find two males breaking into a vehicle across the street, identified himself as a police officer and gave chase in his car as they darted off on foot, according to deputies.

At some point around 6:30 a.m., one man being pursued got into the officer's car, how and why remains unclear. According to the sheriff's statement, the would-be thief reached for his waistband, at which point the cop fired four times at him. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

John Tucker, who retired from the Santa Ana Police Department 10 years ago, lived in the same neighborhood residents described as quiet and safe, save for a few burglaries that prompted Tucker to install a video surveillance camera on his property.

Sheriff's investigators are now reviewing tape from the camera of Tucker, who was awakened by the gunfire, as part of the shooting probe, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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you are a total idiot. You must be related to that cop. I am the other guy at the scene that foggy morning. Jason  Bitz was murdered in cold blood. I was the one in the white car, not really white though. We were doing nothing wrong. Just changing a tire so shut your mouth and learn how to spell.


Good for him my car was broken into this week. People also stold gas out of my churchbus this week . Our economy sucks ! It steal hurts others when people steal.

Gene Fay
Gene Fay

GOOD FOR HIM I dont know what world you live in where its ok for an unarmed man to be shot 4 times by an off duty police officer. The victim a 23 year old young man was committing no crime(s) at the time of his homicide. So good for him a police officer has years of training and experience on the job and then acts like a vigilante against a young man who was not breaking any laws Good for him. I know your church certainly cant be a christian based church as being a christian myself we dont beleive in murder. Please before you make comments learn all the facts first. I will pray for you.


Good for him?  You think it's good that a young unarmed man who may or may not have been attempting to steal a car should be shot 4 times and killed.  What church do you go to?

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