[UPDATE: New Details for Irvine Protest] Occupy Orange County to Descend on Irvine's Financial District on October 15

UPDATE, OCT. 12, 12:35 P.M.: Occupy Orange County announced further details for this Saturday's Irvine protest in a press release sent out yesterday afternoon. The action is set to kick off at 9 a.m. at 1 Civic Center Plaza, followed by a march to the city's financial district and an overnight occupation of the plaza. A video posted on the group's Youtube channel urges people to bring tents and camping gear to provide shelter for an "extended period of time."  A pre-protest pep rally is slated to be held at San Marco Park Friday. Details are available on Occupy Irvine's Facebook page.

UPDATE, OCT. 7, 12:08 P.M.: Plans have been announced for a protest in downtown Santa Ana for October 22. See bottom of post for details. 

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 7, 9 A.M.: Occupy Orange County has finally announced the details for a large protest to take place in Irvine's Financial District (18622 MacArthur Blvd.) on October 15 at 9 A.M.

The date has been referred to as a Global Day of Revolution by groups around the country protesting the stranglehold corporations wield over the government.

Fittingly, Occupy Orange County, whose stated goal is to stand in solidarity with groups currently protesting in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC and outlying regions, has chosen Irvine's Financial District for its big show. Their Facebook event invite also listed several preliminary events in Costa Mesa, Anaheim and Fullerton scheduled to start on October 9 at the Orange circle. 

But with October 15 falling on a Saturday, Irvine's Financial District (home to Bank of America, Taco Bell, Spectrum Group International, Golden State Foods, CorVel Corporation and others) is almost assured to be a ghost town, which begs the question--even if thousands of people show up to rally, will the intended recipients of the message be on hand to hear it?

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One commenter  declared "At 9 A.M. on a Saturday morning? This is SO Orange County!" Insert unhappy face. 

Meanwhile, protests in Los Angeles are starting to get rowdy. LA Weekly reported 10 arrests were made yesterday when activists crashed the lobby of the Bank of America building. Though their willingness to subject themselves to arrest indicated seriousness, their sense of humor was clearly intact judging by the oversize novelty check for $673 billion made out to the people of California they attempted to cash. 

aerial shot OWS.jpg
More than 20,000 people took part in October 5's Occupy Wall Street protest.
In New York things were even hairier with the New York Times reporting 23 arrests made in protests on Wednesday. But does Orange County have the narjanas to create similar anarchy?

UPDATE, OCT. 7, 12:08 P.M.:  Plans have been announced for yet another Orange County protest, this time in downtown Santa Ana. According to the Occupy Orange County Facebook page, it's all set to go down at 3 p.m. on October 22 at the Ronald Reagan Federal building. Though there has been some confusion online as to whether or not this will be a long term occupation, such as those being held in New York, activist Sharon Tipton, who is involved with the Santa Ana efforts, explained "right now, the only thing that's organized is the protest." She added however, that as the group continues to organize its efforts, the goal is to stage larger events.

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