[UPDATED: Santa Ana Police Respond to Camping Request] Occupy Orange County in Santa Ana Tomorrow

UPDATE, OCT. 21, 7:50 P.M.:  The Santa Ana Police Department sent out a press release this evening stating that Occupy Orange County protesters won't be able to camp on city property. The release states that though the police will continue to work with protesters to ensure their first amendment rights are facilitated, the department regularly enforces and prosecutes violations of the Santa Ana municipal code as it pertains to public camping. See the bottom of the post after the jump for the entire release.
ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 21, 4:48 P.M.: The hour for occupation draws nigh. But it remains to be seen if activists with the Santa Ana contingent of Occupy Orange County will dig in their heels and set up camp in the downtown civic center. Noon tomorrow is H hour of D Day for the group currently standing in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, now in its second month residing in Manhattan's Zuccotti park.

Group members have voiced their plans to camp indefinitely in the Civic Center despite police officials threatening to arrest those in violation of the city's no camping ordinance. Posts on the group's Twitter feed have told people interested in attending to bring sleeping bags and tents.

This morning the Weekly obtained an email sent to Santa Ana Mayor Pulido and the city council on behalf of the movement requesting permission to camp overnight in Santa Ana's walk of honor. 

"Occupy Orange County hopes that the Santa Ana City Council will be interested in accommodating or working together with our movement to facilitate a peaceful and responsible group of actions in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street," it reads. "In order to have a protest that is effective, it is necessary to have a long term assembly in the public space and that requires that tents and camping gear must be allowed to ensure public safety."

Tomorrow's event is slated to begin at noon at Sasscer Park (near the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse) and will be followed by a march to the civic center. One of the events organizers, Sam Aresheh, has said the march, which will go through the downtown area, was designed to attract additional people from areas with heavy foot traffic to hopefully have a snowball effect.

The Santa Ana Police department has said they are drafting a press release in advance of this event. We will post it here as soon as it is available. In the meantime, spokesman Corporal Anthony Bertagna has said before the city can issue a permit for the group to camp, they will need to obtain an insurance policy. Cpl. Bertagna added the city is currently working with the group to help secure a policy. 


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What does crappy Civiv Center have anything to do with Wall St? All you hippy tangalong wanna be's should go Occupy Fashion Island, that's where all the money is at!

City of Staba Ana
City of Staba Ana

Bring on the OT! SAPD doesn't care about OCCUPY when there are gangsters running the streets. I just hope that the police can keep the protestors safe from them. Every naive artist, hipster or foodie comes to Santa Ana then wonders why they get jacked for their wallet and cell phone by a "male hispanic 18-20yrs-old, shaved head wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans." I hear Irvine is safe.


The police actually love the OC Occupy movements because they earn overtime bucks watching a peaceful crowd. 

S.A. Artist
S.A. Artist

I know that a dramatic show down between officers and protesters would make for really entertaining news, but the truth is that the police and their bloated pensions are probably subject to the same "wall street" finance manipulations that the rest of the 99% are. The economy is broken, The city of Santa Ana is just next in the line of many to be confronted head on with the truth. All people need to be aligned to take down the problem, that is not a wealthy one percent but rather a truly surreal corrupt system of high finance and credit trade that is absolutely sucking all potential and opportunity away from the people as a whole.  Viva Santa Ana.   


Artist, sorry to pop your bubble but those Cops with their bloated pensions are loosing their savings on Wall Street, just like the rest of us.  Granted the economy is in dire straights, but the problem goes much deeper than Wall Street.  It is government that is and has been broken for years, leading to the problem we find ourselves in today.  With looser Presidents (Republican & Democrats) at the helm and corrupt immoral members of Congress, that 99% you refer to have been sold out to the highest bidder. Without question, a number of Wall Street Firms, large banks and some major Corporations are riddled with greed and corruption and need a top to bottom housecleaning.  However, let's not kid ourselves as to where the root of the evil lies.  It is the government in Washington D.C. and our elected representatives that should be picketed, protested and fired as they come up for re-election.  When you folks get your priorities straight, I will join you on the protest lines. 

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