Mark Bucher to Replace Chuck DeVore in Todd Spitzer Race

Mark Bucher
In addition to Chuck DeVore dropping out of the race for Orange County supervisor, the Weekly has learned conservative activist Mark Bucher will challenge fellow Republican Todd Spitzer for the 2012 open seat.

Bucher is a successful businessman, a prominent--even outspoken--Christian conservative and longtime public-employee-union nemesis. He is tied to another union nemesis: Costa Mesa Republican councilman Jim Righeimer, arguably the most hated man in California politics from the perspective of union bosses and membership. The two men married sisters.

We'll have to see what the switch in candidates means to the race. DeVore is a better public speaker, a thoughtful policy wonk and a veteran campaigner, but he needed to raise substantial contributions in a down economy.

Bucher, who is close to OC GOP boss Scott Baugh, brings his own advantage: He's relatively wealthy--meaning he might have an easier time working against the $1 million Spitzer has in his campaign account.

An official announcement for Bucher's campaign is expected today.

Spitzer, who isn't popular with some local conservative activists, previously served as a supervisor before he was elected to the state Assembly.
--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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God save us from Christian conservatives, Muslim extremists, greedy capitalist who want to turn us all  into slaves.


Here's a great video at the political stunt, his brother in law, Jim Righeimer pulled at the last election. It literally put the term "stink eye" in the local Costa Mesa lexicon. Bucher is a TOTAL TOOL of the "bad" segment of the local GOP.


Good! Bucher is a principled taxpayer advocate who will stand up against the overpowerful public sector unions that have corrupted state and local politics. Spitzer, on the other hand, is a union-corrupted career political hack.


"Spitzer, on the other hand, is a union-corrupted career political hack."

Really!? What county do you live in? I think rogue elephant is a euphemism for “union-corrupted career political hack”. I believe you meant to say that about Tony Rackauckas, his wife and his goon collaborators  who are the real corrupted hacks. Spitzer on the other hand, single handedly brought attention to the mismanagement within the Public Administrator/Guardian’s office while briefly working as the ADA. Not only did Spitzer get fired for being a victims advocate, his efforts led to the investigation and replacement of the county guardian. This certainly does not sound like the actions of a person who is corrupted or a union hack, quite the contrary.   

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