Lawyers Guild Offers Assistance to Occupy Protest Groups

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National Lawyers Guild
Assemble the lawyers: The Mass Defense Committee of the National Lawyers Guild sent out a press release this morning announcing their intentions to help Occupy groups in what co chair Mara Verheyden-Hilliard called "The single largest support effort for protesters since the end of the Vietnam War." 

This could prove helpful for activists currently set up at the Irvine civic center who have argued Irvine's municipal code allows them to sleep on city sidewalks as long as they don't inhibit passing foot traffic. Irvine police have told protesters they can continue their protest into the wee hours of the morning, but they have to keep moving so as not to violate the law. 

The Lawyers Guild, which has defended activists as far back as the 1930s, has said it intends to coordinate hundreds of attorneys, legal workers and law students offering services ranging from legal briefing to legal strategy and tactical advice. "We don't want to defend protesters who have been falsely arrested," said Co-Chair Carol Sobel. "We want to head off the false arrests at the outset and send a message to local police agencies that suppression of free speech will not be tolerated."

Occupy portesters in need of help are encouraged to call National Defense Coordinator Abi Hassan at (212) 679-5100, ext. 14.

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National Lawyers Guild was created by the Communist Party in 1936.

S.A. Artist
S.A. Artist

Is Marial a real person?  She keeps saying the same lame thing. 


Wow...Really lame!

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