[UPDATED with DA Peeved Over Sentence:] Jennifer Renee Vanveldhuizen Guilty of Hate Crime; Punched Latino Worker and Yelled "I Fucking Hate You Beaners!"

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UPDATE, OCT. 26, 8:04 A.M.: The Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) believes a Caucasian woman is getting off too easy for yelling "I fucking hate you beaners!" and profanities at a Latino worker emptying trashcans on Main Street in Huntington Beach earlier this month before punching the complete stranger in the mouth without provocation. Judge Debra Carillo offered to let Jennifer Renee Vanveldhuizen, 36, of San Diego, plead guilty Tuesday to one felony count of hate crime battery causing injury in exchange for a sentence of probation and stints in alcohol rehab and anger management classes. A one-year jail sentence will disappear along with the felony rap should Vanveldhuizen successfully complete probation and the programs.

"The People objected to the sentence and pending reduction of the conviction to a misdemeanor, arguing that the sentence was too lenient in light of the defendant's unprovoked violence toward the victim," reads a statement from the OCDA. "The People also argued that the crime rises to the level of a felony because the victim was targeted solely for his race."

On paper, for now, Vanveldhuizen was sentenced to three years of probation, one year in jail stayed pending completion of probation, 90 days in a residential alcohol rehabilitation program, and a 10-week anger management program. Upon completion of her 90-day residential treatment and 10-week anger management programs, the court will reduce Vanveldhuizen's conviction to a misdemeanor.

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 5, 2:25 P.M.: A San Diego woman--who may be the same San Diego woman picked up for public intoxication on South Coast Highway in Laguna Beach in March--was scheduled to be arraigned in Westminster today for allegedly unleashing an unprovoked hate crime on a Latino worker emptying trashcans on Main Street in Huntington Beach Monday evening. The latter arrestee is identified by the Huntington Beach Police Department and Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) as Jennifer Renee Vanveldhuizen, 36, of San Diego.

The Laguna Beach Police Department arrest log states that at 6:44 p.m. Sunday, March 12, officers responding to a disturbance call made contact with a woman identified as Jennifer Renee Van Veldhuizen, 35, of San Diego, in the 300 block of South Coast Highway. She was taken into custody for public intoxication, according to the log.

Around 7:15 p.m. Monday, a Caucasian woman approached a 50-year-old worker cleaning a brick planter bench area in downtown Huntington Beach and yelled racial slurs and profanities at him, including, "I fucking hate you beaners!" She then punched the Latino without provocation, causing his lip to swell. They did not know one another before the encounter.

Surf City cops who responded to the scene arrested a woman identified as Vanveldhuizen. The OCDA has charged her with one felony count of hate crime battery causing injury, which could lead to a maximum sentence of three years in state prison if she is convicted.

Prosecutors were going to seek $50,000 bail for Vanveldhuizen at today's arraignment at the West Justice Center in Westminster.

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