Is WeedPals The New Face(book) Of Medical Marijuana?

It had to happen, and now it has: a social networking website for medical marijuana smokers.

Do you use Facebook mainly for chatting online about cannabis? Do you love it when you get a barrage of moronic "420 alert" status updates each afternoon? Are you hoping to connect directly with "experienced growers" and a "panel of experts" about all things pot-related?

Then look no further than WeedPals.

Neither the company's website nor the press release we received provides any information about the company's ownership. In fact there's not even an email address on the "Contact Us" page, just a form to submit online queries, so for all we know this could be some kind of eloborate government conspiracy to glean proprietary information from pot smokers for use in some unspecified future crackdown.

According to a recent piece on WeedPals by William Breathes, the marijuana reporter for our sister paper Westword, most of the folks who are chatting online are from California. Breathes reports that the website's main attraction seems to be providing a new and 420-friendly forum for folks who aren't comfortable enthusing on Facebook about their favorite new ganja strain. The website he adds, "is so similar to Facebook that the layout and even color scheme mirror the social networking giant."

The few unique features it does offer, says Breathes, include a "community shout box" which allows you to post a comment visible not just to your friends but everyone using the site, and a "dislike" button, something which Facebook has scrupulously avoided. It's too early to speculate whether WeedPals will grow large enough to become the next Weedmaps or Weedtracker, but Breathes reports a rather lonely vibe. So far, he says, he's the only person on his news feed and only has one friend.

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hello i have a question i need help from anyone that can help. i sent for my card on 4-20-11. and i still havent herd anything from anyone. does anyone have any advice as to what to do to find out where my card is. thank you for your time.

                                                                     PLEASE HELP                                                                      SHARON

Medical Marijuana Doctor
Medical Marijuana Doctor



Thanks for the write-up.  weedPals is owned by a group of individuals that have a vision to create a user friendly social network that was open to medical cannabis and its surrounding lifestyle.  weedPals works on the premise that you get to choose who are your friends - go out and search the photos, videos and forums for people with common interests.  There are too many social network sites that become overwhelmed with garbage simply because the site is too open and you end up with spam and information you don't care about on your wall/feed.

We will be adding more features in the future, including a news feeds related to medical cannabis.

Someday we hope to be the next giant.


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