[UPDATED with OC Public Defender Getting Dekraai Case:] 6 Women and 2 Men, OC Homicides Nos. 45-52: Massacred at Beauty Salon

UPDATE, OCT. 13, 9:18 A.M.: The Seal Beach Police Department has confirmed all the names and ages of victims killed or injured in Wednesday's mass killing at Salon Meritage. What follows are the names, ages, hometowns and reasons the people were in the shop at the time. There are some discrepancies between the spellings of names and hometowns provided by police and others, which will be noted along the way.

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Randy Lee Fannin
Randy Lee Fannin, 62, the owner of Salon Meritage. His wife Sandy Fannin was at the shop at the time of the tragedy, but she was not shot. They split time between homes in Murrieta and Laguna Beach. The station where he specialized in Brazilian blowouts was near the entrance.

Michelle Marie Fournier
Michelle Marie Fournier, 48, of Garden Grove, was the presumed targeted of her ex-husband Scott Evans Dekraai, who is being held for the worst mass shooting in Orange County history. Fournier was a stylist at the salon. She leaves two grown children from her marriage to her first husband, Steve Huff, and a 7-year-old boy who was the center of her custody battle with Dekraai.

Michelle Daschbach Fast
Michele Daschbach Fast, 47, of Seal Beach, was a client of the salon and known in the community for being the wife of the team manager of the Beach Futbol Club Girls 95 White Team, Patrick Fast, and mother of one of the players. She leaves behind three children.

Laura Lee Webb
Laura Lee Webb, 46, of Huntington Beach, was identified with the last name Elody by police, but she'd recently married and changed it to Webb. The salon stylist was doing her mother's hair at the time of the shooting. Her mother, Harriet "Hattie" Stretz, 73, of Los Alamitos, was the only shooting victim to survive. She remains in critical condition at Long Beach Memorial Hospital but is said to be improving.

David Caouette
David Caouette, 64, of Seal Beach, is the name provided by police but other spell his last name "Caoulette."  by some. He was shot while sitting in his Land Rover Discovery outside the salon and later died at Long Beach Memorial. Married and the father of three grown children, he left his salesman job at Land Rover Mission Viejo years ago but was still tight with people there. He's being fondly remembered by his fellow Southern California Land Rover Club members also. 

Christy Lynn Wilson
Christy Lynn Wilson, 47, was a nail specialist at the salon. The married mother of three was close with Fournier. In fact, she testified at Tuesday's custody hearing on her friend's behalf, and some have speculated that Dekraai had also targeted her.

Victoria Buzzo
Victoria Buzzo, 54, of Seal Beach, worked at the salon. She leaves behind a husband and two sons. Her father had recently passed away, making this especially difficult on her mother.

Lucia Bernice Kondas
Lucia Bernice Kondas, 65, of Huntington Beach. She was a salon client killed during the shooting.

If you knew any of the victims and would like to add remembrances or other details, email mcoker@ocweekly.com.

UPDATE, OCT. 13, 4:22 P.M.: Based on information from friends, family members and colleagues, the Orange County Register is reporting the same names we've carried as victims of the senseless Seal Beach murders plus one more who was inside Salon Meritage on PCH: Victoria Buzzo. The name of only one more murder victim has yet to be revealed.

Authorities have not confirmed any names that have been reported, asking the media to await tomorrow morning's press conference at the district attorney's office.

But some sharing these names are openly critical of that stance, saying friends and community members need to be informed who was killed so the mourning process can begin and tight-knit Seal Beach can begin to heal from the worst mass shooting in Orange County history.

In addition to Buzzo, the deceased are Dave Caouette, Michele Fast, Laura Webb, Michelle Fournier (the ex-wife of suspected killer Scott Evan Dekraai), salon owner Randy Fannin and Christy Wilson.

Webb's mother, Hattie Stretz, is recovering at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

The Register also picked up something a Long Beach news site reported earlier: that Dekraai's stepfather got a temporary restraining order in 2007 after alleging Dekraai attacked him, leaving him with cuts and bruises on his face and right arm.

Dekraai's 7-year-old son is said to have witnessed the attack. Fournier claimed in court papers tied to their custody battle for the boy that DeKraai twice called 9-1-1 claiming he was going to commit suicide, once with his son in his arms.

UPDATE, OCT. 13, 3:15 P.M.: Police and prosecutors say they will not confirm the names of any mass killing victims until tomorrow morning's press conference, but the Southern California Land Rover Club website is paying memorial tribute to member Dave Caouette. He is identified as the Land Rover driver who was shot outside Salon Meritage in Seal Beach Wednesday afternoon and later died at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. The vehicle had Oregon plates, but Caouette apparently had a home in Seal Beach.

"May we all say a prayer for him!" reads the post that is titled "We Lost a Friend" and is followed by thoughtful comments from others. "He was one of our team members at Jaguar Land Rover Mission Viejo and continued to lead the off road events... Many of you know that Rich, Darrin, Dave and I spent many years introducing and instructing new owners to our products. "

It is unclear why Caouette was in that parking lot, but there are many restaurants near the salon he could have been visiting.

The Beach Futbol Club website identifies Michele Fast, who was among those friends and family earlier claimed was also killed, as the wife of a team manager Patrick Fast and the mother of their daughter, a player on the team.

"It is with great sadness that we write to let you know that one of the victims in the senseless Seal Beach tragedy was Michelle Fast . . .", begins the tribute signed by Mauricio Ingrassia, club director, and Chris Reist, interim president. ". . . Please keep the Fast family in your prayers."

The clubs plan to turn out for tonight's candlelight vigil at 8 in front of the salon: "Beach FC players are invited to join the Girls 95 White team in wearing their gold practice jerseys as a show of solidartiy, love and support for the Fast family."

Many media sites claim the daughter of Hattie Stretz, the 73-year-old shooting victim from Los Alamitos now recovering at the Long Beach hospital, was murder victim Laura Webb. Stretz apparently went to the salon to meet with her daughter.

Others who survived the shooting without getting hit reportedly "played dead" on the salon floor until the gunman fled. 

Courtesy of SBPD
Scott Dekraai
UPDATE, OCT. 13, 2:35 P.M.: Based on court documents filed in the divorce and custody case involving suspected mass killer Scott Dekraai and his ex-wife and one of eight fatal victims Michelle Fournier (who has also had Dekraai and Huff as last names), the couple married in 2003 and their union dissolved in 2006.

In 2007, Foss Maritime captain Dekraai suffered an accident aboard his tugboat that crushed his legs and took a female shipmate's life. This left him permanently disabled and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. He underwent several surgeries and took many medications in unsuccessful attempts to revive his "dead legs." Some claim he was never the same after this.

Dekraai was the one who filed for divorce from Fournier that same year. He claimed that whenever he contacted her about their son, Dominic, Fournier used nasty language and threatened to keep his boy from him. Her heavy drinking endangered Dominic, Dekraai alleged. Recovering in bed from his horrible boat accident, Fournier would call him several times a days, always beginning with a tirade of expletives directed toward Dekraai, he claims in the court documents.

Dr. Ronald T. Silverstein testified that Fournier was harassing a recovering Dekraai by telephone. The judge then ordered the couple to refrain from talking with one another except once a week, by phone, for 10 minutes to discuss issues involving their son.

But, also during this time, Dekraai was changing. Many who'd known him for years but lost contact recently did not recognize the fit, retired and cool-headed Marine they knew as the bloated and confused man shown being arrested by Seal Beach police Wednesday.

Fournier filed court documents in May that claim Dekraai was physically abusive and manic in behavior. He apparently become enraged in recent weeks over Fournier seeking to change the custody agreement--for their son's safety.

"He's a lunatic," Fournier's best friend Laurie Phillips told KTLA News after the mass killing. Phillips said when she first heard about the shooting, she immediately knew Dekraai was involved.

"I just talked to her Tuesday night," Phillips said of Fournier. "She was a lot of fun, a great person. She had two older kids who are amazing."

That would have been hours after a brief court hearing over the couple's custody dispute. Phillips denied Dekraai's earlier allegations that made Fournier out to be an alcoholic and bad mother were true.

Fournier told friends, co-workers and salon clients that Dekraai physically threatened her and was out to get her. There are conflicting reports about whether she took out a restraining order against him. The Los Angeles Times reports she did not, other media outlets claim she got one within 24 hours of the attack.

Mindy Dekraai, the suspect's current wife who was spotted briefly at the couple's Huntington Beach home before quickly darting away, was reportedly a nurse who helped her newlywed husband through the boat accident. Neighbors have described them as a happy, loving couple and Dekraai as a doting father.

We may discover at tomorrow's press conference whether he will face the death penalty. Dominic could thus lose both parents.

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