Ex-Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo Spotted at Hooters?

George and Mike: Partners in crime
It's safe to say that Orange County wasn't the same once George Jaramillo became second in command at the sheriff's department in 1999 and it certainly became more boring after Jaramillo was sent to federal prison a decade later for public corruption.

The 51-year-old Jaramillo is a quick minded, talented fellow who dreamed of becoming California's first Latino governor, but his adulterous exploits and unbridled ambition became legendary in the shameful saga of Mike Carona's era atop the state's second largest police agency.

News flash: Jaramillo is baaaaack! His punishment is over. His chains are now off.

(Public service announcement: Married men with hot wives in Southern California keep vigilant guard.)

Jaramillo last made news in September 2009, when he foolishly portrayed Brett Sagel, his federal prosecutor, as more corrupt than himself. The move caused an unamused Sagel to rescind his earlier call for sentencing leniency that could have resulted in mere house arrest instead of incarceration.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Guilford sent Jaramillo to the slammer for two years and ordered him to pay a couple hundred thousand dollars in penalties.

What occupied the idea-loaded Jaramillo's mind while confined? Voluptuous female prison guards? Revenge on Susan Kang Schroeder, his nemesis in the Orange County District Attorney's office? A new wrinkle on an old Ponzi scheme?

We can guess one of his thoughts now: Ha, ha to Carona, who shamelessly attempted to blame his own corruptions on Jaramillo.

Carona like to bragged that the FBI would never catch him cheating (and he certainly had warped buddies in the agency), but he's now serving a much longer, 5.5-year sentence in a federal prison in Colorado.

Being a Mormon, Jaramillo doesn't drink or smoke giggle weed, so today's freedom celebration might just involve Hooters and a lap dance.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

(rscottmoxley at ocweekly dot com)

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Robin Hood
Robin Hood

Jaramillo failed the people of the county, state and federal levels.   He was and will always be a corrupted "Mormon" terminated cop, that If in fact he had any good in him, for the least would and should have hung himself in his concrete cell.  The worst thing the Feds could have done was let this animal run loose in our streets again.  He and his partner Carona are nothing but typical Modern day law enforcement thugs!   I know of this hoodlum Jaramillo and you may reward him $$$ but he still remains a thug among anything.   They should have kept him locked up and thrown the key away..... I know you, Jaramillo and your day is around the corner.   "To serve and protect" 


Dumb, I read this thinking he was spotted there.

Michele Turney
Michele Turney

shame these two were the only ones convicted...the whole department is corrupt


And how did these scumbabgs get elected to these positions and allowed to climb the political ranks?

sta 18 veteran
sta 18 veteran

Jaramillo was nothing but a sleezy slim ball lying piece of shit. He only used the Sheriffs Department to try and intimidate woman to sleep with him.

Mike Jonesian
Mike Jonesian

I'd love to read a recent interview of that asshole sheriff Carona, taken from his Colorado cell.

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