[UPDATED with Choice Chatter:] 3 Old Folks Hospitalized for Unwittingly Eating Pot Brownies at Surf City Funeral

UPDATE, OCT. 11, 12:32 P.M.: Someone leaving a comment on the Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) Facebook page, which broke the news about three elderly folks being rushed to the emergency room after unknowingly eating brownies laced with marijuana at a funeral, claims a woman was arrested and placed in the jail psychiatric ward for bringing out the loaded dessert tray. "I saw that post also," Lt. Russell Rinehart, the HBPD spokesman, tells the Weekly. "I cannot confirm any of that information; if it is true, it was not by our department involving this incident." We can confirm that the very existence of the department's Facebook page is producing interesting back-and-forth comments about this case.

As reported in our original post below, HBPD presented the pot brownies incident and the robbery of medical marijuana delivery people the day before to warn the community about the dangers surrounding cannabis for sick people. What follows are five representative Facebook comments about the original HBPD post (there were 51 last time I checked). Misspellings and grammatical errors have been left intact:

dang!... those brownies musta been BOMB!... any left in the evidence locker?! [Reporter's note--the same commenter left this follow-up:] i thought it was funny, cruel yes unacceptible yes but funny one last ride at the age of 80 lol

Sure it was "Medical" marijuana in the brownies.. And how many liquor stores get robbed everyday. Medical Marijuana reduces crime and the police hate it. No matter what, The police work for us and we voted for 215/420 so they need to figure out how to make it work and stop finding ways to sabotage it.

I am a medical marijuana patient in Huntington Beach. I think that robbery at gunpoint is a serious crime. I am sorry for the elderly people who got sick. I hope the corrupt, lawbreaking individuals are penalized. However, the argument should be about that and not about penalizing non-violent medical marijuana users, we do not represent the thugs shown in your article.

This is so cool - the community and the police department engaging in open dialogue. Like if you read this story on Newser!

I want to start by saying that I have the utmost respect for police officers. I have friends who are officers and I know the dangers they face everyday on the streets. That being said I think it is highly unprofessional for any PD to have a facebook page where in they engage in debate regarding past cases and push their own agenda regarding public policy. The job of the police is to protect and serve. Police departments don't create laws, they enforce them.

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 10, 2:03 P.M.: Three folks in their 70s and 80s were admitted to Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach Sunday for nausea, dizziness and inability to stand unassisted. What do you normally call that? Sunday at Hoag Memorial Hospital. But this time there was something unusual about the admissions: all three seniors had attended the memorial service for a mutual friend in Huntington Beach. All three had sampled the same brownies from a tray. And all three had unknowingly consumed brownies laced with marijuana.

The Huntington Beach Police Department, which is investigating the case and publicized it on its Facebook page, has determined the brownies contained "medical marijuana." Indeed, the Facebook post demonizes the state voter-approved remedy for what ails you.

"It is important for the community to understand that marijuana is a drug, and like all other drugs and alcohol, it is important to understand the negative consequences it creates in our community," reads the post. "Calling it 'medical marijuana' does not make it any safer. Huntington Beach does not permit or have licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the city limits."

The same Facebook post includes another example of medical-marijuana mayhem. The evening before the old folks got baked without their permission, two people who deliver medical cannabis were robbed in a residential neighborhood.

Police received a 9-1-1 call around 8:30 p.m. from a homeowner who said two people were robbed in front of his house in the 20700 block of Mataro Lane, Huntington Beach. Cops arrived to find two victims, a 35-year-old man from Anaheim and 25-year-old woman of Garden Grove, but the gunmen were long gone. They apparently posed as customers and chose the quiet residential neighborhood as their address for delivery of medical marijuana.

When the delivery service arrived, one man pulled a gun on the employees getting out of the van, and the pair stole $1,500 worth of marijuana, car keys and cell phones. The robbers then ran south on Matario, turned around the corner to Alvarado Drive and disappeared into the darkness. No getaway vehicle was seen. They were described as African Americans in their lates 20s wearing t-shirts and jeans.

"Robberies and burglaries of 'medical' marijuana dispensaries and delivery services," warns the HBPD Facebook post, "are becoming a more common problem in communities due to the high profit margins of selling marijuana and all the transactions being conducted in cash."

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