Driver Drinks 2 Cocktails, Runs Red Light, Crashes and Gets Stiff Punishment

Would you serve 4 years in prison for two drinks?
For Hamid Ahmad Baritz of Laguna Niguel, the price of two Vodka cocktails in January 2010 wasn't just $5 each.

In fact, Baritz is still paying for the drinks 22 months later.

And, worse for him, he'll continue to pay until 2015 thanks to Orange County Superior Court Judge Patrick Donahue.

A jury found Baritz guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol level of .19, running a red light and crashing into two occupied vehicles.

The conduct won him a four-year prison term because he'd been found guilty of drunk driving on two prior occasions.

It could have been worse. Donahue sentenced Baritz to a total of eight years in prison but suspended four of them.

Nevertheless, Baritz appealed the conviction, claiming that his defense lawyer was incompetent.

But a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana rejected the claim this month and left his punishment intact.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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L. Kinkade
L. Kinkade

Were lucky he did not kill someone two other convicitions for drunk driving are two to many. Liberal judges, weak prosecutors and high paid defense attornys put us all at risk!!!!

mitch young
mitch young

This is why the Prophet (pbuh) outlawed wine and little boys.



What are ALL of the facts?  When were his prior two convictions?  Was he currently on probation for the priors? What was his BAC?  When he crashed who did he hit? Was there bodily Injury to any other person?  All of these factors contribute greatly to the sentencing.  

Also In the state of California when you get a fine of that size (First offense runs about 2K) the court puts you on monthly payments.  Doesn't mean you cant pay it off faster. But at an avg of 50 bucks a month you will be paying for years. 

So please Moxley, full details next time! 

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