Bishop Tod D. Brown Fails OC Catholics Again by Failing to Buy Crystal Cathedral

Brownie: The Hour of No Power--again
The local and national media are tripping over themselves in reporting how the Crystal Cathedral's board of directors has approved Chapman University's offer to purchase the iconic church's Garden Grove facilities for $50 million. All the reports are also making the cursory comment that Chapman's bid beat the $53.6 million offer by the Catholic Diocese of Orange led by Bishop Tod D. Brown. Most will note the rationale behind the Crystal Cathedral's decision: Chapman would allow the Rev. Robert H. Schuller and his brood to continue business as usual, albeit as renters with a buy-back option, while the Papists wanted the Schullers gone after three years.

But none will note what we know: that this is yet another massive strikeout in Brownie's career--and now, like Schuller, is in desperate need of someone saving his ass.

As we wrote during the summer, the only reason the Orange diocese made a bid for the Crystal Cathedral was because Brownie realized that his long-proposed Christ Our Savior Cathedral (up the street from South Coast Plaza) and its $100 million-and-rising price tag could be easily ditched if he bought the already built cathedral. This was perhaps the only smart thought Brownie has ever had cross his mind--but instead of, say, letting the Schullers keep the Cathedral until their congregation withers away and designating the original Richard Neutra sanctuary for Papist purposes, Brownie's greed let the Crystal Cathedral slip away from his hands.

Now, Brownie's faced with raising $100 million to build Christ Our Savior, thereby screwing over the county's 1.3 million Catholics even further.  Heckuva job, Brownie!

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Robert WB
Robert WB

How Goes the Wealth of the Wicked?

By Robert Winkler Burke

Book #4 of In That DayTeachings

Copyright 2/28/09


When aTV preacher says,

            Thewealth of the wicked shall go to the righteous,

Does ithave to mean always,

            Thewealth of the naïve shall go to the covetous?


Theonly transaction,


Is cashto the preacher,

            Fromthe gullible.


Beyondthis well-worn scam,

            Whatwas God talking about?

How dogood people get,

            Moneyfrom those who are lout?


Well,the wicked, being wicked,

            Mightget themselves in trouble with the law,

And haveto sell their house,

            Andpossessions at discount auction block.


Then,the righteous, being righteous,

            Mightbuy such wealth pennies on the dollar,

Thatis, if the shrewd, good righteous,

            Haven’tsent all monies to a crooked collar.


Bewarethe preacher,

            Witha deceiving self-interest scam,

Thougha wise serpent,

            Heharms doves and eats life out of man.


Infact, if you look close,

            Underyour nose for special news,

There’soften a TV preacher,

            Goingbust with much wealth to lose!


Compared to the catholic church, I'd rather see it go to the Scientologists. At least John Travolta won't molest your children.


"Brownie?"  "Papist?" Why the rude language, Mr. Arellano?  Does it somehow make you feel good about yourself? Such crudity certainly doesn't add anything positive to your posting. As far as the Crystal Cathedral campus, this certainly isn't a done deal by any means.  We'll know more on Monday when this matter is adjudicated. 

While I think the Diocese of Orange will still gain title to the Crystal Cathedral campus I cannot help but wonder if Bp. Brown isn't a few moves ahead of you and others?  There is no way that the Crystal Cathedral Ministries is going to be able to service rent of $150K/month as they continue to die.  When Chapman is forced to evict them, the Catholic Church will be in an even better position to pick-up some buildings at an even lower cost. 

The Christian thing to do would have been for the Schullers to allow the Catholic Church to buy the campus given their high bid and best payment terms.  They could have then rebuilt their ministry (or allowed it to die altogether) from the confines of the Arboretum (which itself holds over 1,000 people.)  Please don't try to transfer the Shuller's greed onto the shoulders of Bp. Brown.  Doing so not only ignores the facts of the situation, it tips your hand as an angry, anti-Catholic bigot.

Big George
Big George

Hello!Who is Chapman's biggest benefactor and how did he make his fortune?Even I figured this one out.


 Doti was shrewd. He knows the CC Ministries can not last 15 months, let alone five years. The contract will expire and the houses will be built.

If you want to know the truth, watch the financials for the BIG develepors in Q3 & Q4 next year, this will be a "mid-term" project. It is being discussed NOW.

It's too bad Fr. Harris, Fr. Urell and friends did'nt get a chance to play in the glass house!


The BK judge and creditors will have the final say - and may well rather have the extra 3.6 million that the Diocese is offering.


There is no way in hell that the Schullers would have allowed CC to fall into the hands of the OC Archdiocese. They would rather burn the place down. The only hope is that the bankruptcy judge over rules this proposed deal.


More money and even quicker payment terms.  From what I gather the Crystal Cathedral Ministries owes more than $50M.  I don't see how it could be ethical/legal for the court to allow them to leave money on the table...


OC is a diocese not an "archdiocese."  The "proposed deal" is Chapman purchasing the campus.  Why would you want the judge to "overrule" this given your obvious hatred for the Catholic Church?


In my industry we call this a "Sale-Leaseback". Its becoming very popular investment strategy for universities with sizable endowments.  It was started by the chairman of the Yale Endowment.  who increased the endowments holdings in illiquid  long term "alternative investments" and the result was the endowment lost less money in the market meltdown of 08-09 and has actually grown in value since.  Since the life cycle of an endowment is indefinite you don't have the need for liquidity and regardless of the financial strength of the tenant you still own the land and the brick and mortar structure. So even if the Schullers go tits up Chapman still holds a very valuable asset. 



Why is it obvious that i hate The Church?  In the context of this article, and at the time of my above post, it appeared that the Schullers would be selling CC to Chapman. Initially The Church had made a greater offer and still were not choice #1.


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