Fullerton Extends Police Chief's Medical Leave Again, Reaches Tentative Settlement For Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

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Police Chief Michael Sellers
Per the request of his doctor, the city has again extended Fullerton Police Chief Michael Sellers' medical leave. 

Sellers first went on leave in August, in the wake of sharp criticism for how he handled the department after the July 5 beating of Kelly Thomas. In September, Sellers' doctor asked the city to extend the chief's medical leave for an extra 30 days, and the city agreed.

As that extra month nears its deadline, though, ABC News reports that Sellers will get another 60 days paid medical leave. The city also told ABC News that they're planning to have another doctor review records and give city officials a separate opinion within the next two weeks.

Sylvia Palmer
, a spokeswoman for the city, said she couldn't comment on the status of Sellers' leave, but said the Human Resources Department would know. Calls to the department haven't been returned. 

In another example of not-so-good press for the police department, the city has tentatively reached a settlement in the case involving allegations of habitual sexual misconduct by a police officer, says John Upton, the lead attorney representing the alleged victims. Upton didn't share any details about the tentative settlement and the city's attorney didn't return a call.

"After about three years, our clients will now receive some measure of justice," Upton told the Weekly in an email. "We hope that this case will lead to a safer Fullerton."


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Since OC weekly is good at doing top 5 list. Let me give you my top 5 police protest songs:

5) Cypress Hill - Pigs (Great song complete with Citizens Band Radio samples. "This pig harassed the whole neighborhood. Well this pig worked at the station. This pig he killed my Homeboy. So the fuckin' pig went on a vacation.")

4) Main Source - Just A Friendly Game of Baseball (Police brutality and baseball? Main Source made the analogy work! "Babe Ruth woulda made a good cop, but he didn't. Instead he was a bigot, dig it"

3) Bob Marley - I Shot The Sheriff (I was too stoned to remember any of the lyrics but Clapton covered it very nicely)

2) Body Count - Cop Killer (Too bad it was the only song that was listenable on the album. "My adrenaline's pumpin'. I got my stereo bumpin'. I'm 'bout to kill me somethin'. A pig stopped me for nuthin')

1) NWA - Fuck The Police (The quintessential anti-cop anthem. "Fuck the police. Comin straight from the underground. Young nigga got it bad cuz I'm brown and not the other color so police think, they have the authority to kill a minority."


How many millions is Fullerton going to pay in settlements and bullshit medical/admin leaves?


poor thing i hope he gets better.. This shithole town isnt going to run itself

Jeff Gallagher
Jeff Gallagher

Wow, this is a shocker. Unfortunately, they can't just fire him. Instead, he'll work up a case for workers comp so he can go out on 100% disability retirement, tax free of course. Let's just get it over with. Fullertin deserves better than Sellers or that gutless wonder who is temping for him.


Sellers is nothing but a gutless turd. He is going to ride this medical bullshit right into retirement. Mark my words.


Wow, this guy must be seriously ill (not) if it takes him 120 days to recover from "stress". My dad had f-ing open heart surgery and was back at work quite a bit faster than that, and he wasn't sitting his fat ass behing a desk all day either. What a joke. Isn't this fraud? His gynecologist needs his license suspended over this.

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