Chad Martin Jurjaks Faces Trial for Allegedly Punching 2 Guys While Yelling "Fucking Mexicans"

Trial is scheduled to begin today for a guy accused of attacking two Latinos at a Costa Mesa 7-Eleven without provocation in March, allegedly yelling "Fucking Mexicans" as he punched a 42-year-old man and his 26-year-old nephew.

Chad Martin Jurjaks, 30, of Costa Mesa, faces up to seven years and four months in a state prison cell if convicted.

Jurjaks, who is Caucasian, has a record and police believe was drunk at the time of the incident, is fighting two felony counts of hate-crime battery causing injury, with a sentencing enhancement for a prior strike conviction for criminal threats in 2006.

According to the Orange County District Attorney's office:

"Hate-crime laws prohibit the use or threat of force by any individual in order to intimidate, interfere with, oppress or threaten any other person from exercising any right secured by the U.S. Constitution or state or federal laws based on 'race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender or disability.'"

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