Alberto Manetta, Latino Health Access Board Member and UCI School of Med Professor, on the Slums of the Coachella Valley

Yesterday, California Watch unleashed a blockbuster of a story on the hellhole that is the slums of the Coachella Valley, the home to the people that pick all those dates us OCers love to slurp up in shakes and many other crop. Buried in reporter Patricia Leigh Brown's piece is a local connection: the man who runs a health clinic in Duroville, the most notorious of the Coachella Valley's shantytowns, is OC through and through.

Dr. Alberto Manetta is a professor emeritus at UCI's School of Medicine and runs the Duroville Health Clinic. He's also the board president over at Latino Health Access, that wonderful SanTana-based non-profit that always gets grief from gabachos because, you know, they try to make sure Mexis stay healthy and shit lest they become government burderns.

Brown noted the findings of two surveys Manetta commissioned regarding his patients. "Ninety-five percent of residents do not have Internet access," she wrote. "Only 8 percent finished high school. One-third lack air conditioning. More than half have no source of hot water for bathing, with children using leftover cooking water to wash. Chronic conditions like diabetes and tobacco and alcohol addiction abound."

Our sombrero is tipped to Doc Manetta, for serving in Hell and for showing again what LHA is about: selfless humanitarianism instead of the Reconquista bullshit our supervisors slam them for again and again.

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Excellent article. You have made your point and there is notmuch to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can notargue with: No truth is universal, everything has its exception. Thanks for theinfo.

liberals are hypocrites
liberals are hypocrites

hey, if you dont want to be poor, get a better job!! im sure the local gentry can become our next generation of doctors or lawyers... hahahaha... couldnt keep a straight face on that one... seriously, who cares? just pick my food and shut the hell up...if you were smarter you wouldnt be working in the fields, right compadre?

mitch young
mitch young

Mexicans might actually be healthier in Mexico.

At any rate, Imperial has for several years now had something like 25% unemployment, so it would appear a lot of the Mexicans there (or their children) aren't doing much of anything. 


Is it really surprising that a county that is, what, 75% Latino -- indeed recent immigrant Latino or their kids--  starts to look like Latin America in every way? And wouldn't everyone be better off (except for a few growers) if we imported the produce rather than the people?

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