[UPDATED with New Charges Based on 4 More Victims:] Saeid Boustanabadi Maralan: Rug Store Manager, Registered Sex Offender and Alleged Rapist

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UPDATE, SEPT. 16, 3:08 P.M.: As expected, prosecutors have filed new charges against registered sex offender Saeid Boustanabadi Maralan based on the allegations of four more women. In addition to the accusations by four other women, the Laguna Niguel 53-year-old allegedly: grabbed the breasts of a woman who came to display her Persian bags at the rug store Maralan manages; pushed a woman who lived above the store against a wall and exposed his penis to her; forcibly raped a woman who'd come to sell rugs to the store, atop a stack of rugs in a storage room he'd pushed her into; and took his shirt off in front of a woman who'd come to the store to cut his hair, grabbed her wrist, told her he loved her, said he was lonely and in need of a hug and kiss and, when she asked for her money so she could leave, offered her jewelry and kneeled before her crying, saying he needed love.

Previously charged with felony rape, attempted forcible rape, sexual penetration by a foreign object and exhibition of lewd materials to a minor on the allegations of the first four females, Maralan must also now answer to two felony counts of sexual battery by restraint, one felony count each of forcible rape, sexual penetration by a foreign object by force, attempted forcible oral copulation, false imprisonment, and one misdemeanor count of indecent exposure with a sentencing enhancement for committing a sexual offense against more than one victim.

With conviction on the new charges, he could be sentenced to 50 years to life in state prison. Maralan was being held in lieu of $2 million bail pending arraignment today in Santa Ana.

Media coverage of charges being filed Sept. 2 by the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) against Maralan for alleged sex crimes against four women who worked at or were customers of Sirous and Sons rug store in Laguna Beach prompted six other women to come forward with similar accusations. The Laguna Beach Police Department re-arrested Maralan this week based on an investigation of the claims of three of these females.

However, the OCDA statement below breaks down the allegations four victims. As was the case with the previous four females (see original post on next page), none of the victims knew one another, according to the OCDA.

Jane Doe #5
Jane Doe #5, 51, lived in the upstairs unit above the rug store Sirous and Sons. Between May and July 2007, Maralan is accused of sexually assaulting Jane Doe #5 on several occasions. When Jane Doe #5 entered the rug store to talk to Maralan about the electricity bill, Maralan is accused of asking for a hug. He is accused of wrapping his left arm around her and grabbing her breast with his right hand and pulling her against him. Jane Doe #5 was able to free herself immediately.

A few weeks later, Jane Doe #5 entered the rug store to speak with Maralan. While they were talking, Maralan is accused of grabbing hold of the victim and pushing her against the wall near his desk.  Maralan is accused of trying to repeatedly kiss her on the mouth. Jane Doe #5 thrashed her head from side to side and was able to get away from Maralan, and left the rug store very upset.

In early July 2007, Maralan is accused of contacting Jane Doe #5 about very important mail she had received. When she entered the rug store to retrieve her mail, the defendant is accused of asking her to come around the desk and gestured to his crotch, saying, "Look what I have for you." Maralan is accused of exposing his erect penis to the victim.

Jane Doe #6
In April 2010, 48-year-old Jane Doe #6 visited Maralan's rug store in order to sell her rugs. Maralan is accused of leading Jane Doe #6 to the back of the store and into the storage area. He is accused of turning off the lights, grabbing the victim, and lifting her onto a pile of rugs. The defendant is accused of stripping her clothes off as she resisted and told him not to. He is accused of forcibly digitally penetrating Jane Doe #6 as she tried to fight him off. Once she got down from the rugs and tried to escape, Maralan is accused of grabbing her, turning her back to him, and forcibly raping her as she screamed. He is accused of then trying to orally copulate the victim when she refused to orally copulate him. She was able to get out of the storage room as she pulled her pants up, and fled the store.

Jane Doe #7
In December 2009, 35-year-old Jane Doe #7 met Maralan at the rug store for a business appointment to display her Persian bags in his store. Once seated at his desk, Maralan is accused of asking Jane Doe #7 to look at his computer screen under the pretense of showing her a picture of a female he claimed to know. He is accused of instead showing her a pornographic website featuring a naked woman. He is accused of leading the victim to the back of the store and into the storage area. As Jane Doe #7 leaned down to rummage through the Persian bags, the defendant is accused of coming up behind her and grabbing Jane Doe #7's breasts. When the victim resisted and tried to leave, Maralan is accused of grabbing her and kissing the top of her head. Jane Doe #7 was able to free herself and left the store.

Jane Doe #8
In June 2009, 44-year-old Jane Doe #8 had an appointment at Maralan's store to cut his hair. Once she arrived, the defendant is accused of locking the front door. After cutting his hair in the rug store bathroom, Maralan is accused of taking his shirt off in front of Jane Doe #8 and grabbing hold of her wrist. He is accused of telling Jane Doe #8 that he loved her, was lonely, and needed a hug and a kiss. When the victim refused and asked for her money so she could leave, Maralan is accused of offering her jewelry and kneeling before her crying, saying he needed love. Jane Doe #8 told Maralan her co-workers knew where she was and would call police if she didn't return. She collected her fee and left the store.

UPDATE, SEPT. 15, 7:52 A.M.: At least six more females have come forward to say they were victimized by Saeid Boustanabadi Maralan of Laguna Niguel, and the allegations of three of them have produced additional charges against the 53-year-old rug store manager and registered sex offender.

The most recent "winner" of the Weekly's Ugly Police Mugshot of the Week was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of rape, penetration by a foreign object and assault with the intent to commit oral copulation.

That brings the total number of victims to seven who have prompted police charges against Maralan. Before yesterday's arrest, the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) had already charged him with felony rape, attempted forcible rape, sexual penetration by a foreign object and exhibition of lewd materials to a minor that could put him in state prison for 34 years to life. The OCDA is now considering whether to file additional charges.

Media coverage of Maralan's initial arrest prompted more women to come forward. If you believe the manager of Sirous and Sons in Laguna Beach victimized you, contact DA investigator Lou Gutierrez at 714.347.8794 or Laguna Beach Police detectives Natalie Leal or Julia Bowman at 949.497.0377.

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This Monster is done it again. why is he not in Jail. 

We just discover that he even raped his own daughter. 

Horrible man 

Moses K. Ouzounian
Moses K. Ouzounian

       Towards the end of April 2008 I offered a copy of the lawsuit papers between Saeid Maralan v TAK Consulting Engineers to the NBPD. The officer at the desk refused to take the papers from me. I threatened him that if he does not take them and look into it, I shall contact the media about it. It was then that he took it.        Had they looked into this person's numerous evil deeds, and followed the matter to the very end, such as his $200,000.00 check to me bouncing, and how he covered it a few days later by selling several very valuable old and antique rugs of mine that he stole from me to other dealers. I sold him only new rugs and not a single valuable or antique rugs, because I could sell those for a much higher price at well known auctions such as Bonham Butterfield's, Christie's, Sotheby's, Skinner's, and many other auction houses in Europe. Among them were such very valuable pieces as an old navy blue field and red main border, full pile Agra rug, measuring about 12'x18' worth at least about $150,000.00 wholesale, an antique Shirvan and Daghestan about 3'x5' Caucasian rugs, identical one's sold at Sotheby's auction in December 2007 for  $80,500.00 each, an exceptionally gorgeous Bakhtiar runner 4'x20', navy blue field with large round floral medallions with pointed elongations extending from each end along the length of the runner for which I was offered $12,000.00 in the 1970s, and a very small portrait rug of President Kennedy woven from the Tabriz area, the latter one measuring about 1'x2', mostly in grey colors. This latter rug he advertised in the Laguna Independent paper that appeared on Google. (I will be getting a picture of the Agra and the Bakhtiar rugs mentioned above).        The source of the checks deposited into his personal account with Bank of America, and also at his holding corporation in Las Vegas would have shed lots of light about the illegal activities of this human chameleon. The NBPD encouraged him to continue dishing out hell to me by considering his relationship with me as a "Civil matter." In fact, the NBPD arrested me on 04/06/ 2008. A day earlier I had called  the NBPD and asked the answering officer, "I am told that I must give twenty four hour notice to my tenant and to the police, in order for the police to accompany in my inspection of my real estate." The officer said, "If you want two police officers will accompany you, and you can inspect your property now." I said, I can't do it today, but I will call you tomorrow." The following morning when I drove to my 3425 PCH property in Corona Del Mar, the place was still closed. I climbed the roof, took some pictures, and when I noticed someone park at the back, I came down to call the police. I guess the son of my tenant had just opened the shop. He saw me climbing down the roof, and asked, "Who are you?" I did identify myself as the owner of the property, and that I was going to call the police, and come with them to inspect the property?        I had already parked my car at the back of the property. I walked to PCH at the SE corner of Marygold, and called the police. The officer informed me that in about 15-20 minutes officers will meet me at the address.        While waiting there, I saw the father enter the property. Shortly after that I received a call form the police, who advised me to raise my hands above my head and walk towards the officer parked across the street from me. I did as told. The officer asked me to empty my pockets. After I emptied my pockets, he frisked and searched me. He found no weapons among the items I emptied from my pockets, nor did he find anything else on me. He asked me where I had parked my car. I told him the location. He left me with another police officer, while he went and searched my car. He found a rusted out shotgun in my car in plain view, and two antique revolvers, a Colt and a German Luger. The Luger was non operable. but there were no shells for any of the guns. The back seat I had removed from my 2003 Ford Excursion, because I was using it in my business.        I guess the son of my tenant called his father and informed him of my presence there and the purpose of my presence. The father called the NBPD and fed them with lies that I am armed and dangerous. In fact, in his complaint against me he claimed that I threatened him and his employees with a gun. If that is not a lie, how come he did not call the police against me at that time. Yet he called the police against me while I had called the police to accompany me to inspect my property, and the damage he was doing to it. He also drove as fast as he could and planted a rusted out shot gun into my car. He had excess to everything at my property, because on 12/11/2007 he had leased my property and gotten my keys and the alarm code from me to enter my store, while all my inventory was still on the premises. I trusted him and gave him my keys because of his informing me that he had converted to Christianity. In my desk drawer was a plastic card that had the numbers to open my locked car by simply pressing the numbers on the card into the numbers that were at the driver's side of my car door. He must have gone through my desk drawer and copied those numbers when I was not there.        That which is worse than the treatment I received from my opponent, Saeid Maralan is what the NBPD dished out to me. I asked them to fingerprint the shotgun they found in my car. After my arrest was changed to detention, I received a letter from a judge in Sacramento, CA, I believe, advising me to claim my revolvers from the NBPD. I did this by filling the proper papers at the time indicated, then I drove to the NBPD station at 870 Santa Barbara Dr., and asked for my valuable revolvers. The lady at the front counter checked into it and said, "They have been destroyed."        I find two incredible wrongs with this claim. 1- The police do not honor and respect the judge's word. 2- Quite frequently I read about corrupt police officers throughout the State, as well as some honest ones that I have experienced in my business experience. 3- The value of the antique revolvers is such that some corrupt police officer or officers did help themselves to them. The chief police officer or the District Attorney should look into this matter. The items that my hungry eyed opponent stole from me, and caused excessive damage to my property totaled at least $3,000,000.00 damage, plus the sale of the revolvers were to go to the needy orphans and widows through my Church. How would these incompetent police officers feel if the orphans that would have benefited from my donation were their own children or loved ones?       


I'm not sure how the police department lacked evidence on so many different cases. Terrible. 

Paul Kim
Paul Kim

How is it that an attempted rape and a full on rape were reported against him to the LBPD but nothing happened? How was he still free well up through 2011 to commit more offenses?


Because it is Laguna Beach PD.  That is how he got away with it for so long.


 Ummm, wrong. The women had reported the incidents to the LBPD, but they refused to press charges, which is why it took so long for the cops to arrest the guy. They had to build a case, because the PD wasn't going to ignore it just because the first couple of women wanted them to. They even sent an undercover officer in to see if he'd try something, which he didn't. The case didn't break until the intern reported him. The women were apparently all Persian, so it's a cultural thing, as woman are pretty much treated as property and told to never speak about thinsg involving unwanted sexual advances.


But it's not about Persian culture...this has much more to do with our American culture that perpetuates the ridiculous assumption that female victims of sexual harassment or assault must have brought it on themselves somehow. It used to be perfectly acceptable for a law officer to ask a rape victim "What were you wearing?". And there is still always someone who wants to blame the victim...assuming she must have "encouraged" her attacker somehow. Welcome to "Rape Culture"...

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