Reason Magazine's TV Outfit on the Kelly Thomas Murder and the Power of Citizen Media

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With the world now paying more attention than ever to the Kelly Thomas murder, bigger projects on the tragedy are slowly emerging. One of the first efforts comes from the libertarian boyos over at Reason, specifically their video outfit. An eight-minute video focuses specifically on how the story took off outside the realm of the mainstream media, fueled mostly by social networking. It's a good piece, and features Cal State Fullerton professor Jarrett Lovell, who specializes in the sociology of police brutality.

However, there are two cardinal sins committed by the piece.

The first one wasn't avoidable: Reason released their video yesterday, but just before Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced he was filing second-degree murder charges against one Fullerton cop, and manslaughter against another. But their second error makes no sense: in talking about the power of New Media, why wasn't there any mention of the Friends for Fullerton's Future blog, the one outlet most responsible for pushing this story forward? Strange...anyhoo, the video is below:

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“From what is visible on the video tape, Kelly Thomas’ appeared to be acting in self-defense, in pain, and in panic,” Rackauckas added.     

S.A. Artist
S.A. Artist

Sounds to me like they probably purposely neglected the Fullerton Blog.  To acknowledge  independent ideas and communication structures is subversive.  Why has all of the main stream media purposely ignored the "Occupy Wall Street Protest"  currently going on?   I looked all over my "ATT news" and "Latest Headlines", on my Comp.  nothing to be found.  Keith  Olbermann was surely talking about on Current T.V. last night.      

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