Omaima Aree Nelson, Who Killed, Chopped Up, Cooked and Ate Husband of 2 Months, Seeks Parole

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UPDATE, MON., OCT. 3, 2011, 2:45 P.M.: Omaima Aree Nelson and the Prosecutor Trying to Keep the Model-Cannibal in Prison--"I Did His Ribs Just Like in a Restaurant"

ORIGINAL POST, TUES., SEPT. 30, 2011, 4:15 P.M: How could I forget that Thanksgiving weekend 1991 rampage? Egyptian-born model and 24-year-old nanny Omaima Aree Nelson bludgeoned, skinned and chopped up her husband of two months--and twice her age--in their Costa Mesa apartment. With her olive skin, slender form and impeccably dressed in red hat, red high heels and red lipstick, the newlywed went on to hold marathon sessions grinding the deceased's body parts in the garbage disposal. But she just couldn't get rid of all of 6-foot-4, 230 lbs. of William E. Nelson, criss-crossing the county in his red Corvette with trash bags filled with human remains she hoped ex-boyfriends would help her make disappear. So, she boiled, breaded, deep-fried and--yes--ate body parts, dipping the ribs in barbecue sauce and later joking, "Nothing tastes as good as the man I married. It's the sauce that does it."

Bill Nelson's head was decapitated and cooked. His severed hands were fried in cooking oil. When all was said and done, 80 pounds of him were never recovered.

Newlyweds the Nelsons
Yeah, you normally don't forget a case like that. Apparently all the other, predominantly less gruesome crimes since then clogged my memory so much that I actually had to be reminded of Omaima this week by Orange County Register reporter Larry Welborn's exhaustive article on the convicted murderer seeking parole next week.

That took me back to her 1993 second-degree murder conviction, which allowed for these dog-and-pony parole hearings. Nelson should have been locked up forever and had the key deep fried, dipped in BBQ sauce and shoved down her throat.

Deputy Disttrict Attorney Randolph J. Pawloski told jurors Nelson was a "predator" who planned to flee the area with his car, cash and credit cards after the grisly slaying. During the investigation, it was revealed that Nelson tied up and demanded money at gun point from Robert Hannson of Huntington Beach in November 1990. Pawloski argued this was part of a pattern of Omaima using her looks to seduce men and then turning violent once alone with them to get what she really wanted. This culminated in her shackling her husband to a bed during what he believed to be sex-play. Instead, she murdered him with a pair of scissors and an iron and then began dismembering him.

Neighbors said it seemed as if the garbage disposal in the Nelson unit ran non-stop for two days.

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