Poll Finds Voters are Biased Against Mormon Candidates But Not Mitt Romney

A new poll by a Santa Ana firm has good news and bad news for Republican Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

The bad news, according to Lawrence Research, is 7-to-15% of voters are biased against Mormon candidates.

The good news: specific Mormon candidates, like the former Massachusetts governor, do much better among poll respondents.

The Lawrence of Lawrence Research, by the way, is pollster Gary Lawrence, whose Tustin Avenue firm conducted a July nationwide poll of 905 registered voters randomly dialed among a broader sample of 1,000 adults.

The poll discovered five times as many voters would never consider voting for a Mormon (20%) as compared to a Catholic or a Baptist (4%). As for support, 50% would definitely consider a Catholic and 47% a Baptist, but only 30% would definitely consider a Mormon.

Fortunately for Romney, he's getting a boost from large numbers of would-be voters who do not know he is Mormon, according to Lawrence, who said 85% of voters have heard of Mitt but only 41% realize he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That 41% is 13 points more likely to vote for a Mormon than someone whose religion they don't know, Lawrence adds.

Of course, none of these people have probably seen the South Park duo's The Book of Mormon musical yet.

The poll also found:

  • Only 11% know Jon Huntsman Jr., who is also seeking the GOP nod (look it up!), is Mormon;
  • 7% of voters correctly identify Michele Bachmann's evangelical Lutheranism;
  • 1% know Rick Perry is a Methodist;.
  • 17% still think Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Ah, the classics never die.

Lawrence, who has been conducting public opinion polls for 40 years, notes that he is a Mormon "who is uncommitted in the presidential race."

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The problem is not that he is a Mormon who believes in the Book of Mormon (story of "the other sheep" John 10:16), but rather that the church became condemned by God (D&C 124:38-40) due to its "follies and abominations which they do practice before God" of polygamy (D&C 3:1-11, Jacob 2:23-24) and Satanic Masonry which requires a blood oath of loyalty to the church rather than to God or country (Moses 5:29).

In fact, this very serious oath of secrecy in which all members swear "to suffer their lives to be taken" if they tell the secrets of the temples required in all LDS temples violates the teachings of God to "never swear an oath...as it comes of evil". That is the problem of Mitt and the church. Both need to repent and get back to the original Book of Mormon and out of the One World Order ("Tranceformation of America" pg. 118-119). 

 "Pure Mormons against Mitt" campaign for repentance!


Some people are not going to vote for Romney because he's a Mormon. What if Romney happens to be the best one qualifiedto get this economy back on it's feet and America back to work again?  And we're not going to vote for him just becausehe's a Mormon?  Please, are we not smarterthan that? What if he was a Catholic, a Jew, or an atheist?  If he's still the best qualified, it shouldn't matter. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.


This piece reminds me as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints how I can see the prisms of people's particular viewpoints. I really try to be a nice and live The Golden Rule, and I know people by-in-large think I'm an alright bloke. When they find out I'm LDS, the lights dim; the suspenceful music begins to play; and my counterpart replies, "Oh, I would have never guessed." Really? Give my church a break... It's a big reason why I try to live my life like Jesus. Critics will point to this or that, but any institution larger than a two kid lemonade stand open for a weekend will have drama and scandal of some sort. We're all humans. I guess it's really too bad all Mormons don't have horns after all. If we did, people would be able to see that we're everywhere trying to help where we can.


I'm glad to hear the problem isn't Mitt but you feel it is his church. Look, I don't know if what you are saying is true or not about his church but it isn't his church that's running for office. 

Mitt seems to me at least, to be a little more qualified to get this country back on his feet than the rest. He's not perfect but then who is?  Mitt's religion isn't going to convert me or you any more than Kennedy's religion converted people to be Catholics when he became President. Let's not get hung up on the religious thing and see what qualifications he and anyone else can bring to the job.


A big problem with Mitt IS his (satanic) blood-oath loyalty to the LDS church whether he will admit that publicly or not.

His father, George Romney, is exposed for his actual dealings with the "elite" World Order agenda in many expose books including the book, "Tranceformation of America". So, if Mitt were a good person without a hidden agenda and actual blood oath covenant taken to a World-loyal church, then I'd say there were no problems with him as a candidate, but that is not the case.

I look at Mitt Romney as the Manchurian Candidate and if you think that is a fairy tale then you need to view the 1979 Congressional Hearings with Senator Frank Church exposing the CIA MKUltra mind-control program with a majority of LDS recruited CIA agents. It was, after all, a LDS judge Jay Bybee that made national internet news and wrote the legal memo to legalize torture used in actual mind control purposes even though most people want to be ignorant regarding the nefarious experiments and full-fledged agenda of U.S and elite leaders.

It all plays into a one focus agenda and if the people continue to ignore what goes on behind the scenes of PR image and controlled media, then they will lose the opportunity which the uncontrolled internet provides for research and guidance to factual documentation regarding the candidates and their controllers. Besides, Mitt's voting record and political history is deplorable, if you research that information.


Wow, your blatant portrayal of misinformation and overall ignorance regarding Mormon theology is comical, and disgraceful at the same time.  Please don't spread hate using falsities and lies mixed with truth.   


One of the many quaint beliefs of this charming 'cult ' is, that if a woman escapes an abusive. psychotic husband while still young & naive.                                                         And, later in life is fortunate enough to meet& spend her remaining years w / an ideal man. Will, as LDS , after death,  STILL  spend eternity w/ the bastard, Believe it or not.... I don't think any other ' religion' could ever top that insanity.


You mention an elite world order, Manchurian Candidate, mind-control.  So you feel he is being controlled by his church and his church is hiding behind everything.  I think it is a wild accusation.  If this was true, Mormons should be fleeing their church in droves. Since they are not, it makes me believe there is another side to your accusations. I don't believe everything I read on the uncontrolled internet.

The Mormons I've met seem very sincere in what they believe, very friendly and helpful and very conservative. You find the same type of members in other religions.  His web site http://mittromney.com/learn/mi... shows a pretty nice political history not the one you claim is deplorable. 

The problem with the Republican party is religious views is taking over the party.  I think that's why so many leave this party to join the Independents or some other and the Republicans are becoming much weaker.  Unfortunately, you are applying a religious test to a person who is not running to be your pastor but your President.  He won't be addressing the nation and given us a sermon about his religion.  Ignore his beliefs. For me, so far, he seems to be one of the best candidates we have with sound principles.  I don't agree with everything he says.  If that was what I was looking for I would never find that person.  So I have to weigh the issues.  But I don't let anyone's religion, or lack off, an issue. How will he lead, vote for or veto, foreign issues, economic goals, etc.?  That's what we need to focus on.

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