PHOTOS: OC's Wackiest Meet Michelle Bachmann at Tepid Costa Mesa Rally

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Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly
Ah, Orange County: the place where Republican candidates have gone to make or break their campaigns forever. Add Tea Party princess Michelle Bachmann to the latter list.

A crowd of only a couple hundred greeted Bachmann near the Pacific Ampitheater, and you know you're in trouble when the most prominent pol in attendance is Villa Park anti-Muslim councilwoman Deborah "Sodomy" Pauley, and the most-prominent person in attendance was California Coalition for Immigration Reform head witch Barbara Coe, who kept smoking and smoking, God curse her cancerous soul.

About the most memorable line Bachmann uttered was when she described herself as "one tough hombre-ette," which I just discovered is a line she used all summer. That's the main problem with Bachmann, America: she relies on John Wayne movies for her Spanish. WEAK SAUCE!!!

Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly

Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly
Controversial Villa Park City Councilwoman Deborah Pauly
Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly
Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly

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